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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

It's the little things....& little critters :)

It was Mother's Day here in the UK on Sunday. Or "Mothering Sunday", as I'm told it should be called. -My friend Jo's mother insists on this name, so poor Jo has to search out a card with this exact wording on it, and they are becoming rarer each year! I told her she'll soon have to start making them ;)

Ah well. You shouldn't think I missed out, just cos I don't have kiddywinks. No, no. Luvbug came to stay for the weekend here at mum's. Here's what greeted me when I got up on Sunday:
These wee critters, for those of you who've yet to come across them in Blogland (don't blame you, you're probably far too sane) are Bob T Bear (esq) and Dilly St George, the Croco-dragon from London Zoo. How they became our "offspring" is a long story. And not one that Bob T Bear (esq) particularly enjoys, in Dilly's case. He still says he wanted a scarf, not a sister.

The back of Dilly's envelope carried a strict instruction/warning:"If not be Dilly Mummy, leev lone!"

It had a beautiful elephant, made from a leaf, on the front:

Inside was a long message. Every "i" was dotted with a heart or a flower. Aww Dilly is such a girly-girl....

Here's Bob's:Bob wrote me a poem.
Er, or "pom":

My Mummy
is a luvly
Mummy an an
an I fink
she mite be der
bestist Mummy in
der weruld but I
havant bin abol to
chek wiv ol der uver
bears yet.

(Bob would like to point out that "poems don't have to rhyme, you know".)

Awwww :^)
Luvbug spent a long, long time "helping" them with this.

The cards are beautiful, from a church Traidcraft Sale we'd visited the day before. We had driven mum up to Colchester to refresh her memory of the bungalow again. (As soon as she was there she was OK.) Then we drove into Dedham, a lovely wee village in Suffolk. It has an enormous church, so we went in for a wander. We found the traidcraft sale inside, and also a great exhibition of quilting and embroidered art. Alas, no camera!!

Anyway, on Sunday, I had already given mum her card and presents. When I showed her that Look! I got something on Mother's Day, too! she laughed and laughed.....

-You always know how to make a difference, and always just at the right time!


Julie said...

Aaaah, bless! Didn't they do well for you. And very good spelling too! I'm glad your Mum got on much better when you brought her up to yours.

Dragonstar said...

Awww, so sweet!

CherryPie said...

That is so lovely, it brought a lump to my throat :-)

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Sending hugs to you all. Much love, Lynda

Feronia said...

That's lovely, Helena. You are surrounded by some sweet individuals - both of the human and non-human variety!

Angel and Kirby said...

So very sweet. We see why you call him Lovbug!

Stardust said...

Awww... this is totally sweet. You deserve all that love around you.

And the kids, bless their presence.

Chris said...

I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did it's so refreshingly honest :D
Love love love your gifts... brought a tear to my eye.
take care
Chris xx

Lorianna said...

Oh Dilly and Bob, how sweet! You two are perfect children! :) And Luvbug is pretty special too.
I saw Mothering Day (UK) on my calendar. I thought of you and your dear Mum, Helena. So things are a bit better? A wee bit? She remembered her new home? I just sighed with some relief. :)
I loved the story about the kitty! 22 was about my Tookie's age.
How absolutely wonderful that kitty was. I have heard kitties don't have a sweet tooth, but many of my kitties like sweets.
Has the doctor been able to find a medicine that may help with your mum's seizures? I just wish that somehow it was just a fluke and she won't have any more.
How are you feeling? Has the stress been affecting you? I worry about you!
I'm buttoning up my Easter cards and pressies and I hope to get them to the Post Office within the next few days. I really hope you get yours before Easter!
Please take care of yourself too.
Lots of Love,

Helena said...

THANK you all for your messages!
I still don't have much time to blog hop, but I really do appreciate your words here! THANKS!!!

I was pretty stressed today and cried a bit, just a few minutes. A cup of tea mopped most of that up. Frustration and lack of sleep, I think it was. I did take one of my back-up pills this evening while mum catnapped on the sofa and it has helped, I think.