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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Pusscats, thunder and cardboard boxes

It's finally thundering today. At last! After months of hot weather and mugginess. We've had showers lately but scarely enough to water the garden; just enough to make it humid. Then today I'm wandering about with my glasses on and taking co-codamol for the pain-behind-the-eyes classic weather-headache. And BOOOM! Big thunder roll, right over us, and the heavens open. HOORAY!!!!

Not so horray for Scooter. So much rain has released the frogs; Lord knows where they live normally, but heavy rain produces them all over our garden. Scooter likes to try to catch them (never succeeds, don't worry!) so has been sitting at the open patio doors, watching them bounce across the lawn in the downpour. He has never seen so many, never seen any in daylight, and never seen them so active. Twice he has tried to pursue them, only to retreat at half way across the grass, too soaked. I've been waiting for him at the door with his towel, and as he snuggles in he does that chortle that all cat-owners know to interpret as "Please don't tell anyone else about this, mum."

Aw, never mind. I'm sure the old-bone-warming summer will be back soon for another month, Scoot. Meanwhile, here's a pic of him from the other day. I'd taken in the cushions from the outdoor chairs, so he lay waiting on the table till I took the hint to bring them back:
meanwhile, a grocery box has become Fluffy's new favourite sleepy place:What is it about cats and cardboard boxes?? Do dogs go mad for them too????

Ahhh pusscats are such good therapy :)


Angel and Kirby said...

Kitties are the best therapy! Glad you got some rain, we sure need it!

Stardust said...

I love your pictures. Your garden is absolutely beautiful, the kitties too of course. And I'm glad that they are around to soothe your spirit. =)

Ok Scooter, we're not telling anybody. ;P

Feronia said...

That is one very cute kitty. Garden's looking beautiful too! I love thunderstorms...though I probably shouldn't say that - the last big one we had wrote our car off!

Found art blog said...

Aaaawwwww.... I miss having a cat! (rented studio flat, not allowed!) But love chatting to the local felines. I remember mine (when I was a kiddie) loving cardboard boxes - we used to collect them and make a huge long snakey thing for him to hide in!

Julie said...

Scooter and Fluffy look very sweet! Cats always like a good cardboard box, don't they? Maybe it's nice and warm.