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Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas preparations

Decided the oven needed cleaning. It keeps smoking, you see. Not meant to do that.

So I excavated the can of 'Mr Muscle' from the back of the cupboard, where I'd left it when I had first had the idea to clean it, oh, 4 months ago-?? and sprayed the stuff liberally all over the inside of the oven. Despite covering my nose and mouth, this sent me into an instant asthmary wheeze. Yuck! Some coughing and a few puffs on my inhaler later, I wondered, "Should I clean the roof of the oven , too?" I had a look and discovered that the whole of the roof slides out for cleaning. Oh. Never knew that. Gosh, that's a surprise after 7 years isn't it. So sprayed that too.

Then you have to leave the foam to eat all the bleagh gunk for up to 2 hours so I went and had a sit down and fell asleep.

Some time later......

I went to the kitchen for some tea and almost shrieked- in front of my oven, a large gloopy dark puddle was spreading into the room like a scene from CSI. Ohhhhhhh buggggggggggger.

Old cloths, newspaper, water and kitchen roll..... but hey this is worth it for a spotless oven for the Christmas roast, yes? Once the gloop and bubbles were removed I expected to see pristine metal but instead I've had to apply the rest of the can and have a second go. Not sure how I get to rinse all this off. We could be having salad for lunch on Sunday at this rate!

Regarding the Christmas food shopping, we thought we'd leave it till late, as a late night trip would avoid the crowds. SO we went to Tesco at 10.25 last night.

Going late was such a great idea that it had occurred to HALF OF COLCHESTER. We were back at midnight.

Just me, Luvbug, Mum and Scooter this year. But I hope to make it special with the trimmings and special touches..... how are your preparations going?


Di said...

Oh Helena - I shouldn't laugh! Hope you get the mess cleared up in time - panic mode here, why do we do it?! Merry Christmas honey! Di xx

Roz said...

Hiya Helena!!
OMG woman, what on EARTH are you using Mr Muscle for????!!!!! You need to get back to the supermarket and get your self a nice box of OVEN PRIDE! SO much nicer to use. You get a bag to put your racks in and half of the bottle of stuff, some rubber gloves, coz it's acidy!! And then pour the rest on the bottom of your oven, you can "paint" it on the roof of the oven, but I don't have as much luck with that bit, but you can scrape it with on old bank card once it's softened abit with the stuff, you'll love it!

Gingerbread, lol, it's very gingery, and it had another five minutes the following day in the oven and now you HAVE to dunk them or break your teeth.
Thanks for your comments about our tree x

Have a lovely Christmas Helena, mine will be different...

Love Roz x

Julie said...

I've had a box of Oven Pride in my cupboard for about a year waiting for me (for me read DH) to clean the oven and it's still waiting LOL I dread clearing out all the yucky stuff. Bleugh! Maybe I'll leave it till the New Year!

Have a very Happy Christmas xxx

Angel and Kirby said...

I remember those days of oven cleaners. I have a self cleaning oven, but have lost the directions! Needless to say it needs cleaning badly! But not this week! WE have no tree and no plans. Need to contact my Daughter that lives 30 miles away and see if she wants to get together. Will be going to my sons for a couple of days next week!

Merry Christmas.

Leenie said...

Hi Helena!

My oven is still waiting for a good clean! Not one of my favourite household jobs :(

I have been unwell since Tuesday afternoon and getting worse as the days have progressed. But my hubby Wes did all the packing and drove the 200 miles up to our son's home for this holiday week. So it looks like our two sons will do all the cooking! I'll just sit around and enjoy watching them :)

Happy Christmas to you and yours, and to all your friends in this space too! x