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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Time for some fun around here!

Time for something lighter around here! -So I am proposing a new weekly 'meme'.

I am going to call it 52/4

What you do (and I hope some of you will have time to join in) is this-

Take a book, any book. It can be fiction or factual. One you are currently reading, or off your shelf, doesn't matter. (Kids books are definitely allowed, too. I wonder if Bob would like to join in with one of his Paddington Bear books....)

  • Turn to page 52.
  • Go to line 4.
  • Tell us the sentence that includes line 4. In other words, if it is incomplete you are allowed to go back to the beginning of the sentence or go on a few lines to end it. But give us THE SENTENCE THAT INCLUDES LINE 4.
  • Always include full name of book and author. (Do we also need an edition number? A publication year? What do you think??)
  • You don't have to scan in a pic of the cover, it's up to you. My scanner is out of action so I have taken the photo from Amazon. Not sure if that's allowed, but as it's basically advertising for them, I'm not sure they would mind!

I must stress this is not my original idea entirely- there was a blog or a website doing this a few years ago, though I can't remember what page or line number. If you know of that site, do let me know, so I can give credit, & if necessary ask permission, too! Meanwhile, I always thought it was a great idea so let's go.

Here is my first entry. I shall put one up on Wednesdays from now on. I'll do a 'Mr Linky' so you can join in and leave a link easily, if you want.

*** *** ***

52/4, week 1

(Currently reading)
A Small Weeping
by Alex Gray

"Then he was gone, the pretty table and the candlelight forgotten as he closed the front door behind him."

Let me know what you think!!!


Angel and Kirby said...

THis sounds like fun. I have a Nook. it will be fun to see how this works

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

boo hoo I do not read books...I am too busy being a paper artist!

Found art blog said...

Oh what a good idea!!! I must tell Sullivan McPig about this... he'd love to join in!!

CherryPie said...

This sounds like fun :-) I always have several books on the go. I will come back later to post a line from one of my current books.

Leenie said...

Count me in, Helena! I've got books galore, most of them never read.. lol! I love books.. I love games.. just tell me how and where to post my 52/4s!

CherryPie said...

The appropriate line from Ancient Egypt, A Very Short Introduction which is one of my current reads is:

The Narmer Palette is just one of a number of elite artifacts primarily comprising votive palettes, mace-heads, and ivories from late history and the first two dynasties.

Feronia said...

Sounds like fun, Helena. Mine is from Ragnarok by A.S. Byatt and it is:

He grew to the size of an ass, a colt, and then a young bull.

Anonymous said...

"An Object of Beauty" by Steve Martin
Then her head would slow down while her feet caught up and advanced, so her eyeballs could spend as much time with a picture as possible without retarding her forward motion.

Leenie said...

Here's mine from Broadway Stories by Damon Runyon:

"'Park Avenue,' The Brain says finally, so Big Nig stops a taxicab, and we help The Brain into the cab and tell the jockey to take us to the apartment house on Park Avenue near Sixty-fourth where The Brain's ever-loving wife Charlotte lives."

Helena said...

WOW! What surreal extracts!! This is fun!!