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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Nathaniel's Nutmeg
by Giles Milton

"It was the last they would ever see of the Edward Bonadventure: at around midnight the ship's carpenter cut the moorings and, with a skeleton crew and a good measure of self-confidence, sailed off into the night leaving Lancaster and his men stranded."

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As before, if you'd like to join in here's how-

* Pick any book,
* go to page 52
* give us the sentence that contains line 4. -Can be more than one sentence, as mine was this time!

Leave your results in the comments. Or, if you want to put it as a post on your own blog, just leave us a link to find it there!

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Angel and Kirby said...

Dark Horse - Jim Knighthouse Series by J.R. Rain

"is it God you seek, or a genie?"
"Genie would be nice, too"
"I'll look into it."
"Thanks" (actual 4th line)

Blue said...

This looks fun!
Will play & post about it next week, but for now :-
Play Dead by Harlaan Coben
"And you certainly can't do anything but get in my way out there"

Need to read more, was once avid, devouring books like crazy, now spend too much time on the internet but am seriously trying to get back into blogging.

Love to you, hugs to Bob!
Blue x

Eileen said...

Happy new year to you, Helena, and all! :)

From 'Sophie's World: A Novel About The History of Philosophy', by Josten Gaarder

"She had started speaking to Sophie in a different tone since the business with the white rabbit and the top hat."