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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Finn Family Moomintroll
by Tove Jansson

Wild and tempting it rose from the sea, wreathed in white breakers and crowned with green trees as if dressed for a gala.
(-The Moomintrolls' first sight of Lonely Island.)

Hahaha..... I loved these when I was little! I was very pleased to spot this book in a charity shop the other day- brand new, for 59p! But why brand new? I can't help thinking that someone has handed it in unread, and wow, what a missed opportunity!

If you're not familiar with the Mommintrolls, they are small hippo-like creatures who live in the forests of Finland with their friends, more odd little creatures. If you like the style of the original AA Milne's Winnie The Pooh stories, then you'll like the Moomintrolls, who read like Pooh on acid.

I recommend their gentle humour and idyllic, friendly world of adventure, where even the baddies have good manners.

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As before, if you'd like to join in here's how-

* Pick any book,
* go to page 52
* give us the sentence that contains line 4. -Can be more than one sentence, as mine was this time!

Leave your results in the comments. Or, if you want to put it as a post on your own blog, just leave us a link to find it there!

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Blue said...

I'm in - have posted here:-

The Mommintrolls are new to me!
But as a Winnie The Pooh lover, will look out for a Charity Shop copy :)

Found art blog said...


Eileen said...

From 'The Enormous Egg' by Oliver Butterworth (1956):

"You mean all that came out of that egg? Is he poisonous? He sure looks poisonous to me."

~ One of my favourite childhood stories. I often still prefer reading children's books! They really stir the imagination. :)


Helena said...

Blue, thanks for joining in!!!
I'm looking out for more Moomintroll bargains too, so I'll keep an eye out for you too!

Blue said...

TY Helena for all your comments.
Hope you did not take offence re my Fox Hunting views, PLEASE don't, as lost too many friends recently
But, farmers shooting to cull foxes, vermin to them is the worst outcome of the Hunting ban as few are a good enough shot to make a clean kill.
I had Urban Foxes in my Oxford garden, they came to feed on my apple fallings, a bit mangy the elders but the cubs were cute.
Felt sad for them as a city is NOT their enviorment.

Blue said...

@ Eileen, born in 1954, I some how missed reading your entry!
But I was dsyletic - see can't even spell it now :(
Childhood reading came late to me.
Sometimes it's still a catch up!

Angel and Kirby said...

The Mummy Case Jim Knighthouse Series by J.R. Rain

By age ten, I had witnessed a half dozen Murders and more robberies than I cared to count.

Eileen said...

Hello, Blue!

I went to your blog to read your entry for 'Before I Go To Sleep'. I think the movie you were trying to remember is maybe '50 First Dates'? A very interesting premise, just like your book.

I was born in 1953, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US. I've always been frustrated because I'm a pretty slow reader, but I read what I like, and that helps. :)

I've started a lot of blogs, and this new one of mine is the latest, so it isn't too well filled out yet. And now that I've met you here at Helena's wonderful blog, I'm going to bookmark yours, too.

CherryPie said...

I always loved the Moomintroll books :-)

From one of my current reads:

Wizard - The Life and Times of Nikola Tessla (Biography of a Genius_ by Marc J. Seifer

With nearly four hundred employees,Westinghouse's electric company was mainly producing "alternators, transformers and accessories for eqipping central stations for supplying incandescent lighting."

Helena said...

I love reading other people's entries on this! Thanks for joining in!

mrsnesbitt said...

H, you must enter my giveaway - just what the vet ordered. xxx