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Monday, 30 January 2012


Why are schoolchildren given so much power nowadays? Why is their word taken against that of adults?

My partner is a supply teacher. He is so well appreciated that some schools ask for him by name when they have a space to fill. Recently though, some ten year olds at a local school decided that he was being too strict. Why? Because he dared object to them throwing missiles around the classroom, laughing whenever instructions were given, or wandering and dancing around the room just generally ignoring everyone. Having been told to do their work, they decided to complain to their headteacher that he was being too strict.

They also invented stories that he threw things at them. Result? Their word was taken and the rest of his contract was cancelled. He wasn't allowed to put his side of the story forward. This school will no longer offer him work through his agency.

Don't parents realise that their children's education is being put at risk by the bad behaviour of noisy, rude, uncooperative kids in their classroom?
Do they think this is some big joke?
Would they like to lose work because of the lies of a ten year old?

It may seem like a harmless game to lie and get your tutor in trouble, but we have bills to pay. I hope after they've all stopped laughing at our expense, they find one day that they don't have money for some essential thing, and all because someone lied about them at work.

Evil. Little. Shits.


Blue said...

So sorry to read this - a child's word against an adult seems gospel now.
One thing I've never regretted is giving up my place @ teacher training college in Salisbury!

To me the majority of children today are the shits, respecting no-one. I blame the parents, who instill nothing, except I want, I want.
I remember being in total awe of my teachers, and once when my attention did wonder in an a particularly boring maths class, the master throw a piece of chalk @ me, it caught me too but I paid attention in future and never dared tell my mother who would have further chastised me.

Helena said...

Yup same here. They know their 'rights' and they know how to get what they want. Parents now just want to be friends, not 'parent' as a verb. They believe all and won't let anyone tell their precious little cowpats anything.


Julie said...

Words fail me! What hope is there for our society if this sort of thing is allowed to go on? It is very depressing. I hope that your DH gets more support from the other schools he goes to who value his experience and expertise. It doesn't say much for this school if there is no communication and no support for their staff. No doubt the children concerned think they are very clever but life will soon show them that they are not. I hope DH soon gets some better supply.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Don't get me started! What a shame the 'little darlings' got away with it. Sounds as if the head teacher is a bit pathetic.

Angel and Kirby said...

That stinks. Here they will suspend a teacher or aid pending investigation. It appears the children are in charge there! It is hard to prove even when the adults know the truth, but at least give him a chance to prove he is innocent!

Feronia said...

That is truly appalling, Helena. I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened. I have to say that, like Blue, I am never sorry that I gave up my place at teacher training college. Yes, I remember being completely in awe of my teachers too - what they said was law and you just got on and did it. There was respect for them as teachers and as adults who were supervising you, a child.

Di said...

Totally with you on this one Helena! Di xx

Found art blog said...

I'm with you on this one too. Working in the law enforcement side of life, it's these little dahlings that usually end up getting arrested for drug related thefts later, because they're too illiterate to get a job. Why? Because they didn't bother paying attention in school. DUH!!
Hope L'bug gets another job sharpish!

Helena said...

Thanks for your support!

FIngers crossed- Luvbug has an interview this Friday :)