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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Recipes For Cherubs
by Babs Horton

Another was of two very smart young men wearing army uniforms. A third photograph was facing the wall.

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As before, if you'd like to join in here's how-

* Pick any book,
* go to page 52
* give us the sentence that contains line 4. -Can be more than one sentence. (e.g. You may need to go   back a few lines to find the beginning of the sentence or continue a few lines to complete it.)

Leave your results in the comments. Or, if you want to put it as a post on your own blog, just leave us a link to find it there!

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Thanks for joining in the fun! I'm enjoying reading snapshots of your books!


Eileen said...

From "My Heart's in the Lowlands: Ten Days in Bonny Scotland", by Liz Curtis Higgs.

It's rumoured that Burns preferred plain foods and hated tarts and sweets. As for me, just deliver my pudding, and I'll be happy.

(That last bit sounds like one B.T.Bear (esq.) to me!)

Angel and Kirby said...

Hail Mary Jim Knighthouse Series by J.R. Rain

He was like no man I had ever met before, since or in-between. Jack knew things. About me. About others.About every thing. Things he should not know. Things you wouldn't expect him to know, especially since he appeared to be just another beach bum.

Blue said...

Now I'm left very curious about that 3rd photograph!
Why is it turned to the wall?

Mines here ...