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Monday, 13 February 2012

Off to the doc's

Off to the doc's at 9 this morning. He said my chest 'sounds horrible'! So now I am on steroids for 5 days and anti-biotics for 7.

Re the steroids- I have to take 40mg in one go in the morning, but they only come in pills of 5mg, so I have to down 8!
-Then 3 anti-b's a day, 4 x 2 cold capsules then my usual 2 pills. This makes 21 pills. Ha!

So I told mum- because she is always commenting on how she has 9 pills to take each day. Now I have 21. Told her. Ahhh silence is golden.

Now that he has remembered where our bed is, Scooter has decided that it is the best place to spend the day, at least till the snow has gone. How cheeky is that? He is quite snuffly again, so he has decongestants from the vet. He also has anti-b's as a back up, though I haven't given him these yet. He's sneezing this evening, so it might be time to start them again. I have to mush them up with a bit of salmon paste and then squirt it all into his mouth with a syringe. He hates me afterwards, so I hate doing it. I wish I could explain to him!

THANK YOU for your messages to my last post, which I have actually left answers for. Don't faint.


Angel and Kirby said...

Yuck! I hate it when a cold gets in my chest. Take care and snuggle a lot with Scooter!

Dragonstar said...

I love your one-upmanship over the pills! Those steroids are so small I'm worried about losing them! Get well.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Hi Helena - Thanks for visiting :o)
Hope you feel better soon with your chest. It´s no fun.

It´s so fun you´re watching Borgen over there. I just heard it´s a big succes in the UK. We loved it over here too.
Have a great day

Shrinky said...

Dear me, Helena, you must be really ill to be on such a strong concoction, you poor thing - I sure hope the meds have kicked in by now, and you're turning the corner to feeling well again? (x)