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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine's Day surprises and fun :)

After our first few years together, Luvbug and I decided to put a £5 limit on Valentine's Day gifts, so that it would be fun. Just something small and silly, we thought!

This year I bought him a chocolate Bear and a box of chocolate hearts. The hearts are individually wrapped in red foil and there were 18 in the box. I put one inside his card, and hid the rest round the house. So far he has found about 10, I think :) they're not well hidden, just in places he will come across eventually- it's fun to hear shouts now and then of 'FOUND ONE!!' :)

He went over the £5 limit as he took pity on me being curled up not well- he bought me some snug pyjamas with a hearts on, and a picture of the blue-nose 'Me-To-You' Bear on the front :)

*** *** *** *** *** ***

I also received a beautiful suprise from Stardust!
Look at this!

The photo doesn't really do this justice; the top half is filled with swarovski crystals and sparkles and glints as the light catches it. DId you spot the 'Miss Kitty' charm?

Also, she sent me this flash drive- she knows I love Miss Kitty. (It's because I grew up with Miffy, and this like Miffy but a cat!)

I had been searching for my little flash drive recently as I wanted to move some photo's onto it and get them printed in town. I couldn't find it, and then this new one arrived! Perfect!

Stardust's parcel took just two days to get from Japan to Ipswich, 15 miles from me, then twice as long again to do those last few miles! Ha! Isn't that typical?

It included a lovely handwriteen letter, too. It's a treat to get letters nowadays, isn't it?

THANK YOU STARDUST!!!!!!!!! You've been so busy and yet you thought of me! Thank you so much!

PS- thank you for the lovely, kind response I've received for my request for die-cut shapes :)


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it! I have just ordered the book you suggested!

I sold my house and spent all the £70,000 profit on nothing very much in the 80's, only took 8 months !

Angel and Kirby said...

You two make Valentines fun and special. Love the pen and flash drive

Shrinky said...

Awww, isn't this blog-land filled with some lovely people? There is nothing like receiving a parcel i the post, to perk up the day!

I loved that picture of your love-bug finding hidden heart shaped choccies all around the house - that is so cute and romantic! We also have an agreement not to spend much on each other on Valentine's day. I made sure I got what I'd like by dropping huge hints about a new book that's out.. um, and hubby was VERY surprised by the lovely snow-shovel I bought him (insert wicked snort)..!

Feronia said...

Some sweet Valentine's fun happening there, Helena :) And love Hello Kitty - reminds me so much of Miffy too!

Hope you are feeling much better! Take care x

Gattina said...

We are so used to not celebrate Valentine's day, because it didn't exist in Belgium, and now we can't ignore it the shops are full of hearts and the younger once celebrate Valentine's mostly with flowers and invitations to a restaurant.