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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Colds and die cuts and two cards.

I was just saying recently how good it was that none of us here have had bad colds so far this winter. Oh, me and my big mouth! Naturally we now have some.

It's a side effect of being a primary school teacher of snotty little brats ahem! small children who don't cover their noses when they cough, or know how to use a tissue: soon you catch whatever they've got. And bring it home. Oh, how I love the parents who send their beloveds into school regardless of how full of germs they are!

Luvbug's cold seems to have passed in a few days and he's in the last of it now. Mine started Friday. I try to sleep upright when I get one, so that it doesn't get to my chest. My asthma means there is a weakness there, and if a cold gets there then it lingers for ages. Well, sleeping upright wasn't very successful! I spent yesterday morning and today in bed, worn out. And who should come and join me but Scooter?!

I didn't even think he could still climb the stairs! It wasn't because he was alone, as Luvbug was downstairs. But he must have known I was missing and so, yow yow yow, all the way up the stairs, and then up and INTO the bed. He snuggled up and helped keep me warm for hours. Luvbug brought me tea and brought him his chickeny food. We were both thoroughly spoiled.

I haven't been up and about long, and Scooter is still up there under the covers, all warm, stretched out asleep. Awww.

Luvbug has gone off to get some shopping in, and then he's going to pick up mum as no amount of 'you'll catch the cold, better not come up today' will put her off. No. She wants to be here every day. And besides, she said that I sound 'much better today' on the phone. (Bites tongue and counts to ten.)

Stroof. I hope she doesn't catch it but I don't see how she'll avoid it. I think this one might knock her off her feet....

Meanwhile I am coughing away, having failed to keep this off my chest. My ribs hurt when I cough and you just don't want to know what's coming up. Yuck! I'll have to go to the doc's tomorrow to check to see if I need anti-B's.

One small mercy is that it is half term, so Luvbug doesn't need to go to work this week. I wish we didn't have colds over Valentine Day though ;)


*** *** *** *** ***

A REQUEST- On a crafty note, does anyone out there have a die cutting machine? I've never been able to justify splashing out on one :( -for fear that it would just be one of my phases and I wouldn't get my money's worth out of it! LOL!

I did buy some 'matting and layering' shapes from a craft shop in Kent but I've used these up now and we don't get down there any more. If any of you have a machine, would you consider cutting me some squares and ovals? - You know, one white oval for me to do a picture on, and a slightly larger coloured one for behind, to frame it?

I've looked through ebay but can't find a seller offering this. I'd be willing to pay for your time and materials- I have a PayPal a/c so no problems there! Please let me know!

*** *** *** *** ***
Here's the card I made for my Dad's birthday recently. It's all watercolour. I've done this sort of thing before but used watercolour pencil. This time I used 'proper' watercolour, heavily diluted, and moved the card round to get the colours to spread into each other as I wanted. It took a while. I used a water-colour postcard.

The tree silhouttes are a couple of stamps from Crafty Individuals.

He rang when he got it, he liked it :)


This next one was for a friend of mine, Donna, in Missouri. We met online and have been friends for 12 years now. I can't believe I forgot her birthday this year, especially as it's the same day as my mum's! So I had to send a belated one...
Oh look! If you look closely in these photo's you can see Scooter asleep on the windowsill in the background! (top right)

Right I'm off for a cup of ginger tea.....

Hope you are all ok and not full of snot like me.


mrsnesbitt said...

Sorry hun I dont have one of those machines...I have borrowed a neighbours paper cutter - does wavy edges - any good? Could do you some squares/rectangles????

Angel and Kirby said...

Colds are terrible. I try to sleep upright for the same reason. If it gets in my chest I can plan on two weeks of rib breaking coughing!

If I had a die cut machine I would cut you some. The one I have is a Kids crickit. I do not have any geometric designs. What kind of paper or card stock do you use?

Those are very cute cards! How fun to see Scooter in the background.

I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Julie said...

Oh no! It's fatal to say you havn't had a cold! One always comes along :-( I hope you get over it quickly but meanwhile enjoy the pampering form Luvbug and Mr Scooter and keep drinking plenty of ginger tea.xxxx Your card for your dad is lovely and was worth the effort with the watercolour. xx

Dragonstar said...

Colds are the pits! I've had a catarrhal cough for nearly a year since a bad cold. I've had milder one's since, but the cough remains. I've just started using a Saltpipe (middle son works in a health shop and recommended it) and it seems to be helping.
I love the card you did for your dad. So beautiful!
I'm at last saying thanks for the Christmas card. It arrived late (don't ask me where these things go at busy times of year!) which is one reason I haven't got back to you. The other is that life has been rather stressful (surprise!) and I've not visited anyone. Yet again I sent no cards myself :( I WILL do better this year!!!
Take care of yourself.

Blue said...

As I'm suffering from passed on cold germs too, soooo sympathise.
Read your post earlier & it made me post re my infection. Know school kids are walking germ factories but responsible adults should know better, not in my case.
Keep warm & cosy.

Helena said...

Mrs Nesbitt,

Aw thank yoU! But I do have a paper cutter with a wavy blade. Well I'm sure I do. Can't find it at the moment, "craft space" looks like a burgler's turned it over at the moment ;)
I really must get in there and do some sorting. I intend to have a clear out and give a pile of stuff away on here.

Angel and Kirby

I've seen the cricut on QVC and always forget to pronounce it like 'cricket' LOL even though it has a cartoon cricket on it d'oh.
Oo yeah my ribs hurt when I cough. Luvbug gave me a back rub which helped a lot!
For paper I have lots of patterned stuff that I've either bought in the past or got free in craft magazines, it varies in thickness. For plain paper and card to stamp or draw on, and make cards with, I usually use 250gsm which is quite stiff. I also have water colour blocks of 'postcard' size. I sometimes buy blank cards that come with envelopes but there is a small, independent stationer in Colchester that stocks just about any size of envelope you could want, so I make a pile of cards, not worry too much about the size, then go and get some envelopes to match. I should really make my own, shouldn't I?


Thank you! And I see you have yet to find your hat. Bob told me about that.

A YEAR??? OMG!! I'm scared now!
I read about saltpipes a while ago and wondered about them, because when I used to visit mum on the Isle of Sheppey the salt air was very beneficial.
Sorry to hear you've been stressed out. Hope things improve... btw we had a delivery from USA that had been sent to us for Xmas on 10th Dec., and it arrived late Janaury, with a stamp that indicated it had come via Bolivia!!

Hope your cold eases soon.

Found art blog said...

fab job on your Dad's card!!!

Di said...

Hi Helena - quick comment but I have a Cuttlebug and tons of card and paper. Will reply more fully but of course I'll cut you some shapes - could you ping me an email with colours you like for backing layers? Also, what do you colour with - that makes a difference to the white card I'd use for the images. Flying out right now but worried I might forget if you don't prompt me! Love, Di xx