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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Bad news, good news...

... I have four bits of good news and two of bad.... which shall I do first?

Bad, I think is traditional... so I'll get these ones over with quickly!


  1. the other card shop in Colchester said no to my cards. Actually, I don't think they really looked at them, as they were still done up the same way as when I handed them in. SO unless they fold paper and tie ribbon EXACTLY the same wayI do, they didn't look. And that would be a mean feat, as even I can't tie a bow the same way twice :)
  2. have only just found out that I shouldn't take Ibuprofen with Duloxetine (antidepressant). The mixture can interfere with your blood clotting. WOW thanks for telling me, doc! (She didn't, I had to read it somewhere.) Hmmm..... now, wasn't the doc who prescribed the Duloxetine the very same doc who precribed me Ibuprofen for joint pain??? Good job I can read!


  1. when my partner was in Ireland he talked to his brother about my cards. His brother is a pharmacist (hmmm.....maybe I should quiz him on the above!) and knows the people in the next shop along.... an art shop! SO he passed my blog address on to them... now I've had an email asking for a couple of dozen cards for their shop. HURRAY!
  2. I've set up the stall in the indoor Craft Market in town. I have cards, notelets (in photo) and notecards, handmade little notebooks, gift tags and needle-felted brooches. The woman who runs it rang me last night and said that she wanted to double the price on my notelets as she thought I had under-priced them terribly. She reckons she could get double. I told her to try for the weekend ;)
  3. I made some little business cards for the stall and mentioned pet portraits on them- and immediately I have 2 commissions. One is for a picture of a border collie, and the other I don't even know what animal that one is for yet. They are willing to pay £35 per picture. (GULP!) And now I'm worried as it is so long since I drew an animal that wasn't cartoony and posing with holly or a Santa hat. Hey ho! I shall have to get practicing this weekend.
  4. Last but not least- my Xray came back normal. I am still having trouble with my back but it has calmed down a lot. I suppose it is good news, yet I know that something isn't right and I'd rather have found out what it was. I know my mum's spondylolisthesis didn't come up on an Xray, only on an MRI. But I don't think I'll be able to push for one of those with a normal Xray. If the pain comes back as bad as it was, we're going to go to Emergency and lie- we're going to say I fell down the stairs or something! This way I'll get an Xray when it's at its worst, and not 5 weeks later!

Sorry for lack of posts. Didn't get to do this week's card challenges either! Been busy, and been starting to get sorted- craftwise and headwise, I hope.


Bear Naked said...

Your good news is definitely outweighing the bad news so
woo-hoo for you.

Thinking of you and I know everything is going to go first rate for you.

Prayers and hugs for you.
Bear((( )))

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Your good news is fantastic! Your notelets look super! What a great idea about the pet portraits. Go for it hun!

mrsnesbitt said...

Great idea, the pet portraits. Definately worth £35....go for it honeybunch!


Stardust said...

HOORAY! Celebrate the good news! As for the bad ones, they can be dealt with, I believe! Your good work will be appreciated someday! As for the medication, do pay a little more attention. =)

I'm so glad that at least your X-ray shows OK. Keep warm!

Dragonstar said...

The good news is GREAT news! How wonderful, and how exciting!

Docs are great at not telling you things, aren't they? Think your x-ray plan is a good one.

BumbleVee said...

hopefully the woman is not getting greedy... making you overprice things in an attempt to make more on her % of your sales...... better to sell some at a reasonable price than none at a higher price no?

Julie said...

Well done on all your good news. Your notelets look great! That card shop in Colchester will wish they'd taken your cards. Ignorant beggers!
It's always tricky to get the price right when you're selling but you should charge a reasonable price so that your work isn't undervalued.

Looking at your notelets you shouldn't have any problems with the pet portraits. Well done on getting the commissions.

I'm glad your x-ray didn't show up any nasties but that sounds like a good idea if the pain comes back (hope it doesn't).

Kristin Bueter said...

So glad to have you back, Helena :O) Happy to hear of your good news...and extra glad to know that others are recognizing and seeking out your talent!

CherryPie said...

I am so happy that people are being interesting in your work. Those commissions sound great. Congratulations.

Sandy Kessler said...

Thank God on the x ray - full speed ahead on those cards!!!!!Sell on etsy why don't you?