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Friday, 21 November 2008

Secret Crafter Challenge, brother's birthday & a couple of books....


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I haven't done much crafty stuff lately. Strange, but since clearing and organising a special craft area I seem to have ground to bit of a halt! I hope this inertia doesn't last!
I think the much shorter days are part of it. It's pitch black before 4.30pm here. I hate hate hate that! It also means there is no natural light during the times I have normally carfted and drawn, painted, etc. I need to re-schedule myself!

Hey ho! Here are a couple of things I HAVE managed this last week or so....

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The Secret Crafter's Challenge
this week is the theme "CUTE AS A BUTTON".

I did an ATC, using:
  • my latest stamp, a cute kitten photo-like portrait;
  • strips of paper left over from other projects;
  • buttons from a pot sent to me by Julie :)
  • gold heat-embossed scribble;
  • and white 'Fluffy Stuff' as a touchy-feely frame to mimic a kitten's soft tummy :)
*** *** ***
Here is the birthday card I made for my brother, Roy. The strips of paper underneath the image are from Julie's parcel again :) :

The above photo was taken in artificial light, the one below in daylight- not sure that either shows the card very well!!!

I coloured loose stripes in water-colour pencil then washed over it with a water-pencil.
The forground is the same, but with less water, to leave more of a textured look.
I added small gold stars from a strip of outline stickers to the sky to suggest the night sky coming through.

The tree stamp- I used one stamp twice and a smaller one once. They were freebies from Crafty Individuals.

I put a smaller picture, made the same way but darker, inside the card. The pine cones are rub-on transfers.

I also made a wee book for him as well.
The white square on the front is some shrunk plastic. It was going to be a keyring but wasn't quite up to it :)

  • I bought a small wiro-bound note book for 50p.
  • I took the wire out and covered the covers with paper (by Laura Ashley).
  • Then I reassembled it inserting a patterned first page to show through the window in the cover. The letters are freebie stickers that came with a magazine this month.
  • I laced it all together with gold cord that came free in the same pack :)
*** *** ***

I love the idea of making books, and must get round to doing more. Here's one I did last week. I don't know WHY it turned out so girly. I'm not a girly girl ;)This was really just an excuse to try out a certain birthday present:
Thanks, Luvbug :)
*** *** ***

Update on sales:

  1. The table at the Indoor Craft Market isn't doing very well. I think I've made about £10 so far, and it cost that much to have the table there! I think this is partly because all the cards are upstairs so not all the shoppers see them- the staircase is slim and spiral, so no pushchairs, walking sticks or heavy shopping!
  2. The shop in Ireland that asked for some cards to sell has had more luck- they only arrived there this week and already they have sold three!
  3. I am nearly ready to launch my online store. I have to finish developing my banner and logo and getting all the cards photographed better. I had planned to go my mum's this weekend but given the weather (blowy and snowy!), I might stay in and work on this, instead!


Dragonstar said...

I love the tree card. And that's a great birthday present to get!

Jill said...

gorgeous card Helena and notebooks, wow you've been busy thanks for joining us at scsc hugs Jill x

Jane Carroll said...

stunning card

thanks for joining us this week on SCSC

hugs jane x

Julie said...

Lovely cards and books Helena. And thanks for giving the recipes. I know what you mean about the short days. It's really hard to get going and then the light goes half way through the afternoon! We'll soon be past the shortest day at least. Hope you have a good weekend and don't get snowed in!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wow Helena! great job on the card and book for your bro.
Hope you have a cosy weekend. Hugs.

Kristin Bueter said...

I love the card you made for your brother (and the notebook)! Glad to see you found some tree stamps :O) You did a fantastic job with them. I'm sure your brother is elated to have received such thoughtful gifts :]

The cutting system you received is interesting! I've never seen it before, but it resembles the cutting system I use.

Have a great weekend! Maybe you'll find some crafting time before 4:30?? I hope so :O)

thread-bare said...

Wow Helena it seems that you have been really busy xx Good luck with the sale of your cards in Ireland xx

Helena said...


I also got him a 'King of Shaves' set as he is into their stuff. I just wanted to say that in case people think I didn't give him much. LOL!!!!


I don't feel like I've been busy. I feel like eh, where's the time going? How come I'm not getting anything done? Good job I photograph everything and put it on here (most of it) so then I can say, look! You DID do something!


Thanks. I was disappointed with how literal I took the theme but my crative muse is having a nap lately.


I want that hat! Yes, the best thing about Xmas is that by the time it gets here, you know that the days are getting longer again :) Not long to go now!


I am cosying in a long, long woolly thing that we bought in a sale at TEsco. It even keeps my bum warm.


The cutting system has three different sized ovals, circles, squares and diamonds. I need a glass cutting mat to use to properly as it catches on the self-healing mat I have and makes it hard to move th ecutter d'oh it took a while for me to realie this!! At the moment I am using an old wooden chopping board from the kitchen.

Thread BAre,

Thank you! I still don't know what price they are going for but it is great to know that they are going, at least!!! LOL!


Donna said...

Awwww what a cute ATC thanks for joining us at SCSC last week :) Donna x

Amy said...

I love the book you made! I wish I could do that! It is very girly and I'm a girly girl :D It suits me well. Hope you had a nice weekend. I'll be traveling this week, so I'll talk to you AFTER our Thanksgiving holiday. XOXOXO Take care!