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Tuesday, 18 November 2008


My latest hog-sitting..... he was tiny and weighed barely 250g. (about half a pound-??)

He wouldn't settle in his box, which was stressing ME out- thinking about how stressed HE must be, in a box!!

So my partner rang the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and asked for advice (yes, they do exist LOL). They said to him, "You might not like this, or fancy doing this, but they DO seem to like a cuddle in a warm towel or something."
MIGHT NOT WANT TO????? He must be MAD! I couldn't get him out of the box to cuddle quickly enough! LOL!

And so, this was me and hog, for most of the evening....

(if you can't see it there, try here.)

Awww..... I was up all night. I did put him back in his box for a bit, with some food, water and a hot-water bottle, but after a few hours he wanted more cuddles.

A woman from the RSPCA came to collect him at 10 the next morning, after which I fell asleep in the bath :)

Contact with animals is very therapeutic. An instant lift :)

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Sorry I haven't answered your comments- it has been so busy round here lately, and I haven't had time to get onto Blogger! (I have read them, though, as they come through to my email automatically- so thanks, everyone!) I hope to be back to "normal" routine this week, and visiting you all!
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thread-bare said...

Oh wow I adore hedgehogs xx What a wonderful thing you are doing xx

Cambiel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Having read yours I am amazed how much we have in common - from cats to the same meds. I'm not up to writing much tonight but have enjoyed looking at your blog and just wanted to say Hi x

Kristin Bueter said...

Awwh, how fun that you got to cuddle your little guest before he went on to new adventures :O) Are hedgehogs soft or prickly? I swear I've never seen one in person and I have only read about them on your blog :O) You are such a sweetie for rescuing them! What a big heart you have...

Lorianna said...

Oh Helena, that was just so wonderful of you to share! I just know you were such a comfort to him and I'm so happy that he cheered you. Animals are true angels.
Have a really happy week!

Helena said...

Thread bare

I grew up seeing my mum feeding the hedgies at the back door, so I get it from her!! They are so cute!!


WOW! I hope you come back! I shall have to add you to my 'blogs to visit' list of links :)


Hullo! They are VERY VERY prickly and the prickles are VERY VERY sharp. I think the prickles are made from the same sort of stuff as our nails. Even through a towel or gloves, they can hurt! But underneath they have thick fur. This is more hair than fur, like on a dog rather than a cat. On some of them, when they are walking along, you can see the furry bit sticking out all around their sides and it looks like they are wearing a skirt! LOL!


When he woke up properly he turned and looked straight at me, right in the eye. I think he was a bit confused for a while-
this isn't my mum, she's enormous, is she going to eat me? But she isn't hurting me and I'm nice and warm and snug. Hmmm... not sure what to do. Better just settle down and think about it in my sleep.


Dragonstar said...

Helena, that's wonderful! Cuddling a hedgehog is something I've never even considered. Lucky wee hog!

Els G. said...

Ohhhh, you make me so jealous! Just love them and miss the one who preferred my home above the garden!
Isn't it a great experience? Makes you forget the smell and the noise they make, lol.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I watched your video Helena and was reminded of an episode of Star Trek called 'the trouble with Tribbles' (I think)! when the ship was overrun by those cutie pies, so funny! Are you sure your hog isn't really a Tribble in disguise?!