Juggling life through a bi-polar lens. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Mostly trying to tread water in the middle. Creating a likeness to a normal life. Whatever "normal" is...

Saturday, 1 November 2008


I have several tags to catch up on and now I have another one! OK, I'll do this latest one first, then go back and find the others :) This one is from Thread Bare. THANKS!

Here is how this one works.......
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Things I love -
1. My partner, Luvbug.
2. Birdsong, especially first thing in the morning when it's the only sound.
3. Cats, and anything with a cat on it, in it or by it.
4. Feeding squirrels in the park, especially when they take the hazelnuts from my hand :)
5. Bright days and blue skies- don't care how cold so long as it's bright :)

Things I don't love -

1. Getting out of bed when it's cold. Our central heating has been dead about 3 1/2 years now... :(
2. Mess, disorganisation, untidiness.... I'm not a housework nazi, far from it, sometimes I wish I were because mess makes my head worse! And I am rubbish at keeping on top of everything round here. No matter how often I clear up, it goes back the way it was. I want a Mary Poppins.
3. Cleaning the bird tables, feeders and dishes, especially in cold weather.
4. Feeling tired.
5. Sending presents and not getting a note or a phone call to say it got there ok, let alone to say thank you- I have a few family members and one friend that this always applies to!! Grrr...

Music on IPOD or play list
I cannot find my MP3 Player.
It had some Crowded House on it, and...erm.. nope, it's gone.

Favourite Foods/drinks -
1. Carrot cake & tea
2. My own mushroom & garlic tart followed by tea
3. Chicken Caesar Salad followed by tea
4. Indian curries with green or jasmine tea
5. Peanut KitKats (my current favourite) DUNKED in tea! LOL!

Here are the people I am tagging......

Not going to! I couldn't get it down to 5! If you want to take part, put it on your blog, and leave a comment to say that you've done it!!!

2 posts today... for news on Xray and updates on cards, scroll down... ;)


Stardust said...

Umm... will you share the mushroom & garlic tart recipe one day? Pleeeaaaassseeee...

Glutton me! XD

Julie said...

I think we're twins! I love birdsong, tea, cats, tea, blue skies, tea, Crowded House, tea, kitkat (orange), tea, tea, tea, and tea. lol

this is my patch said...

I love my partner, birdsong, cats, squirrels and bright days and blue skies. I hate mess, it makes me depressed, and I do send thank you cards, I was brought up to. x

freebird said...

Just catching up again. Yes, I can see it's both good and bad for the xray to be normal. Can't blame you for running to emergency next time. That's when they might do an MRI.

Sorry to hear about your roller coaster ride. Lack of control is a real biggie to me. Hope it doesn't come back for a long time.

Working on my xmas exchange card. Sometimes it takes me a long time. I see how many cards you turn out and I can't see how you do it. But I am working on my single card here.