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Saturday, 22 November 2008

I want this cat!!!!

Remember what I said about cats' toes??? No? About me having a thing for toes? (Cute ones, not stinky human ones.) About me loving to sniff Fluffy's warm cheesy toes? Well take a look at THIS cat!

He has 28 toes!!!!

He has strayed and is being looked after by an animal charity's volunteer at the moment. If they don't track his owner they'll rehome him. You can read about it here. Oh, I wish I lived nearer to them! Imagine! A CAT WITH 28 TOES! Heaven!

My Dad's cat, Mr Pepe, has extra toes. The vet called him a 'Marsh Cat' as they adopted him from the Romney Marsh area. The theory is that they have extra toes to manage stalking across marshy ground. Hmmm. I'm not convinced. I reckon they just know how cute it is and that extra cuteness = extra cuddles and treats.


Dragonstar said...

Sweet cat! I don't mind the toes - in fact, I like them! But 28 toes means 28 claws. That's what I can't take!

Helena said...

I think most of the time, many of the extra toes don't have claws, and those that do often get in the way of the other toes. Mr Pepe had to have a few claws removed because they were 'ingrowing' and he has to have some of the others snipped short regularly or they hurt the neighbouring toe. He still has extra ones, though, yes! LOL! It would be wearing on your fabrics, cutains, sofas..... :)

Lorianna said...

How cool is he? I hope he finds a forever home. Every kitty deserves a happy cozy home. I wonder if he can open doors? Kitchen cupboard and such. :)
Your little books and the card for your brother are so pretty. I noticed I have had difficulty adjusting to the lack of daylight when it comes to crafting and my mood in general. My creativity has flown away!
The spider drawing as payment story is so funny! My husband was laughing so hard, his face turned pink! I think he's going to show it to some co workers on Monday. Thank you for spreading some cheer Helena!
Happy weekend!

Helena said...


I think that Spider Drawing story was brilliant!!!! LOL!!! I laughed so hard I wheezed!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has found the shorter days have had a bad effect on my creativity and mood. Now that we know "it isn't just me" do you think we can move on, kick up the ass and carry on? :)

i beati said...

me first sandy