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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Card that sits, or goes boing!!!

Some months ago, I posted about an offer to sign up for 5 issues of Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine for just £5, incl. UK postage. As the cover price for one copy is usually £3.99, and each copy comes with a free gift, I signed up. The offer is still open, here. The free gifts have been amazing, including a big set of acrylic stamps and lots of papers.

This project was included in a recent issue

I'd wanted to have a go at making this type of card for some time and yesterday I finally plucked up courage to have a go! Here it is-I added a bit of my own round the back.... :)I have put in an extra bit of card, with a little loop of ribbon on so you can pull it out.
The whirl stamp design on it was done using one of the magazine's freebie stamps.
The other side is left blank for the sender to write a secret note.The card closes down again OK for sending:The stamp on the front of the card, with the bird, was 99p at The Range and it's by Dovecraft. I've gone over the flowers with a clear Sakura Stardust pen, but it doesn't show here.The background paper is the same as I used on the Easter card in my last post! I had a few scraps left.

I have recently bought a metal ruler and a glass cutting mat :) and these made cutting and measuring very easy.
The whole thing was much more easy that I thought, in fact, and I shall be making more of these.

I need to get better card, some that doesn't split when it's folded. I've read that Bazill card is great in this way. I have put off investing in anything but the cheapest so far, but I might buy a few sheets just for folding projects.

I scanned in the template for anyone out there who would like to have a go:The measurements here are in centimetres -I don't know why- the project on the page before this one was in inches!! I can use both, so I'm not worried, but you'd think the magazine would use one or the other, for continuity!!

If you prefer inches the rough translation is about:

6.25cm = 2.5 inches
12.5cm = 5 inches
25cm = 10 inches

If ever you need a metric to imperial conversion, or vice versa, go to this
online metric conversions
(type in one number, press a button, it converts it).

If you do have a go, please let me know so I can come to your blog and see!!!


I'm finally getting 'round to putting new cards in my shop. I've decided to keep all postage/shipping free of charge. Average price of a card is around US$2, so it's pretty cheap!!! It won't make me rich, but could offset the cost of materials a wee bit, and help me keep this new hobby of mine going. So do have a look if you'd like a special card. I can do some to order, too. Just let me know what you'd like :)


Sandi McBride said...

You're so talented...I'll bet you did well in Maths, too! Lovely card...the receiver will be blessed!

Helena said...

I failed Maths O Level! LOL!
Well, I didn't fail, exactly, I just didn't bother turning up!

I got the CSE, which was half exam, half course work. After I left school, they stuck the two systems together, so now everyone has course work taken into account.

And NOWADAYS, with the dumbing down of exams, I would probably pass with flying colours.
-The other year one exam board was in the news for giving grade C passes for just a 18% results. I was mad!!!! I'd be running a University by now if they graded stuff like that in my day!!!!!

Oh boy I feel old :)

Sorry about that soap box thingy there.

And er... thank you!


david mcmahon said...

That's really special, Helena.

(And I knew you'd be the only one to spot this:

``Yeah, but what about the UFO in the top photo?''

It was actually a spot on the `internals' of a new camera I was testing!!

Just goes to prove I never Photoshop my images .....

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Helena, this is just beautiful. Have made a few of these before but had lost the template, so thanks for the instructions. Have a good weekend, Heidi xxx

Poopsie aka Blue said...

What a lovely card!

Am with you all the way re the maths exam thing - I had exactly the same experience.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Lovely card, It looks great. I ike cards that do things like this as they are just so much fun to make.
Thanks for poping by my blog and leaving your kind words about my poor cat, Hazelxo

Gattina said...

your cards are very beautiful ! I have no patience to do that !

Dragonstar said...

I really like the look of that! Shame I can't get the magazine sent over here, but I've saved the template... I could well have a go at that.

Yes, my Odd Shot was fun. I was just walking around filling my basket when I suddenly saw this naked bum (they're both wearing a lot more in front, very little more than sellotape behind!) If I'd been quicker I'd have caught the expression on the face of a passing old man!

Shirley said...

Your card is absolutely lovely! I like the image and the whole design. Perfect for that card fold!

Lorianna said...

My you have been quite productive! I admire your talent so much Helena! I'm all thumbs. :) I love cards that can be played with like this one. I really like the Easter card too. Your cheeky bunny is so cute.
Is your Mum moving for certain? Perhaps, if you explain to whomever buys her house about Figs they would be more than happy to let you visit. I can't imagine anyone being so heartless as to refuse that. No matter what though, Figs is in your heart and soul forever. I totally understand how you feel honey.
Gentle Hugs and wishes for a Happy Weekend,

VP said...

That's a lovely card.

And you're very good at spotting bargains too!

Your previous post reminds me it's about time I put a new quiz up on my sidebar - thanks :)

Have a great weekend!

CherryPie said...

What a fun card :-)

Bev said...

Fab card Helena, I love making spring cards, they are so quick and easy. Love the colours and image you have used

Helena said...

THanks so much for all your encouraging messages, people! I really do appreciate it you know :)

Theresa said...

This card is stunning! I love the flower at the top. Gorgeous desing!

Scrapmumur said...

Oh....Helena, your card is FANTASTIC!!!!!
Wonderful Work!!
Thank you for partage.
hugs, Mumur

Dulcie said...

Hi Helena! Gorgeous card, lovely colours and the bird image is beautiful. Just wanted to to say thanks for dropping by my blog and your suggestion about designing peacocks as well! I will add that to my ideas list, you're right that there is a lot of swirl potential there! Dulcie xx

Dolly said...

Will be giving this a go, thanks for the template, will link back to your blog when I post. Thanks for stopping by my blog today x