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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Recent pressies... :)

The snow storms have moved more north an west now, and after some sleet and rain last night, most of ours has gone. We had blue skies again today- amazing, after the grey skies and snow of late.

Now..... must show you these two books that Luvbug bought me for Christmas:Living The Creative Life and Art Journals & Creative Healing -the links go to their space on Amazon, which give a good description of them, if you'd like to read more. You can flip through a few pages online to see what they're like inside. Have a look!

I read the Creative Life one from cover to cover weeks ago, and I'm nearly at the end of the Journals one. Absolutely brilliant!!! I really recommend them.

Next, Julie sent me more papers!!!!! Hurrayy!!!!!! THANKS, Julie!!!!(As you can just see in this photo, Julie also sent chocolate!!!! Bob here is sneaking up on it, but I managed to eat at least half of it myself, despite my diet. Well, it doesn't count if it's a gift, does it? Like if you get a bar that's '50% extra free' - that extra bit doesn't have any sugar, fat or calories in it. It's true.)

I love the handmade and hand decorated stuff that she does. I used lots from the last collection she sent me on my Christmas cards, especially the commissioned ones, to make them extra-special :)
I've already made you a wee something from this lot, Julie, with Dilly's help, of course :) ....I'll send it next time I'm out and about! (Dilly is blogging in more detail about this parcel as we speak........)

Finally, here's a wee pressie to myself from the sales: a border punch:

They are normally£11.99 but this was half price, with just £1 postage, so I thought, ah well, I've mused about getting a border punch for a while, so....I bought it from Crafter's Companion- (sorry, I just checked for you and they are back up to full price now!)

Thing is, this one cuts borders on an oval shape and, I don't know if my brain has partially hibernated or something, but I am having a hard time working it! I've yet to use it successfully.

Grr.... if I can't get it sussed, I may have to offer it as some Blog Candy some time! Someone, somewhere should be able to use it! Maybe I could do a swap with someone- if you'd like this, would you do a swap for something in your craft stash that you no longer need????


Lorianna said...

Helena, I saw the Living a Creative Life book in the bookstore! I sat down at a table with a cup of tea and looked through it. No money at the time, but it is a good book. Your sweetie is a dear to get those books for you. :)
I'm sure you'll figure out your new toy in time. Your papers are lovely.
I hope it's warmed up where you are. Not so much here. My fingers are so stiff!
See you soon!
Hugs from me and my kits,

Julie said...

Oops! Forgot about the diet! Glad you're enjoying the paper :o)

Helena said...


we keep getting more and more in common, you and I!!! LOL!

Helena said...


Unfortunately I forgot about it too this weekend, it being the wrong weekend in the month to have a choccie ban :)