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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Mother's Day card.

Pootling about in front of the fire to keep warm, this is what I ended up with last night!

-Got my Mother's Day card done!

The inside.....

  • Here are the materials I used-
  • I made some fancy paper using some Glitz It pearlescent glue. I glooped it onto some paper then squashed another sheet on top and moved it about. Remember how we used to do this on folded paper as kids? -Then when you opened it it looked like a butterfly? :)
  • I also used patterned paper called 'Siesta' from The English Paper Company.
  • The flowers- I drew these then coloured them using the glue!- It works well with a waterbrush. You can move it about and keep it thick, like an acrylic, or brush it out into a wash.
  • The stamps are in a set called "oh my dear" by Sassafras.
  • I used the heart punch [which was about £1 in Tesco!] to make hearts all round the patterned paper, then layered this on top of the home decorated stuff, to show little pearlescent hearts coming through.
It's a wee bit fancy but Ithink my mum will like it. She loves deer and flowers, and she'll like these colours!

Incidentally, those glue bottles usually cost £1.99 each, but I got a set of 10 last week from QVC for under £12. Worth checking out if you like them!

I've never ordered from QVC before but was curled up in front of the tv last Tuesday afternoon with a sore tummy! I ordered them then and was playing with them by Friday afternoon :) Thanks, Julie, for the inspiration to get playing and do some papers of my own!!


Julie said...

Helena, it's a beutiful card! Your Mum should be delighted. You are a very talented artist, you know! You put these cards together in a very individual, artistic way and I love the paper you've made.

Julie said...

I mean, beautiful! x

Helena said...

Cooo ta! :)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

what stunning cards, missy!
Yes, do please send a card :)

Elena said...

Oh, Helena! Your card is so precious! I love the paper you created! And your idea with a punch is very creative! Ilove the little deer stamp too!
Thank you for stopping at my blog!

Lorianna said...

You are a wonderful daughter Helena! I'm sure your Mum will love it. The deer is adorable.
Your Fluffy looks so much like my Cody and Scooter is a bit bigger version of my Cricket. I hope Scoot's leg is feeling better. Poor baby! :( I adore the pics of you with your kitties.
Toeshee's toes smell more like clay litter than cheese. You aren't eating clay cheese are you? :) He has stinky toes, but they are so cute!
My hands are sore thanks to Rheumatoid Arthritis. It's a nasty auto-immune disease and I just can't seem to get on the right course of meds for it yet.
I think I might try heating up some hand lotion in the microwave. That might feel nice. They do make Thermacare hand wraps that are nice and warm. Hard to do anything when wearing them, but the warmth is nice.
It's so nice to see you creating your lovely cards. I hope you have a great week and stay warm. I just kissed and snorgled Toeshee for you! He is napping next to me and making little suckling noises in his sleep. :)

Theresa said...

What a darling card for your mom! I love your beautiful hand drawn flowers!

JB's Big World said...

Those are very pretty cards. You are very talented!
--JB and mom

thread-bare said...

Sorry I have not kept up with your blog recently xx Was great reading through this morning to see what you had been up to
Clare xx

craft mad Jenny said...

ah, such a lovely card - love that bambi style stamp!

have emailed you regarding the stampin' up catalogue, hope you received my message ok,

i beati said...

how i wish you and I could sit together and make cards and you could teeach me - how wonderful that would be and therapeutic for me

Iren said...

What a beautiful mothers card!

And such a lovely cat's Your having!


Shirley said...

How very very lovely this is. At first I thought you had erased your blog. How clever to separate it into sections. About the wash comment you made on my blog, It shines a lttle because I used Twinks. They are having a going out of business sale right now. If you are interested let me know. 40% off their supplies.

rozzy said...

Gorgeous card, i love it
hugs rozzy xx

Levis said...

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