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Monday, 2 February 2009

My first stitched card, and...... snow!

Well, they did forecast it, and it started yesterday afternoon, right on schedule!

Here's the view from our front garden about 2pm, the first of a few snow flurries. (It didn't start in earnest till the sun went down)-
The snowflakes revealed a spider's web against the window:

And the back garden?
The birds had been nibbling, quietly, casually... then the snow began and they all suddenly switched into top gear! Suddenly there was an urgency in getting as much of the food eaten as possible- as demonstrated by these starlings!
Now here's an oddity! This is actually a carrion crow, which, of course, should be completely black! I saw him the other week. I'm glad I managed to get a snap of him this time! I've seen blackbirds with a smudge of white here and there, but nothing on a bird this size.-He has the same on each wing, and some patches on his back. Rather than avoiding him or attacking him, which you might expect from his peers, the other carrion crows seem quite ok with him.

OK. Here is the same back garden about 90 minutes ago! Erm.... guess I should have put that washing line away, huh? :)

I stuck a ruler into the snow on top of the table out there.
It's blurred :( I suspected it might be, but it was far too cold to hang around for more shots!! It's actually over an inch deep, and still snowing.
...And here is the front of the house 90 minutes ago... I just opened the front window to take these. I love the way the shadow stretches out in the light from the streetlight.
Well, the idea of taking pictures this time of night was to get the snow undisturbed. It carried on snowing after I took them so I looked out again just a little while ago to see if I could take more. But look! Something has walked across our garden!!!!I wander what it was?!!

We do get cats walking about- but I hope it wasn't a poor pusscat out in this!!
The footprints look bigger than a cat's, though it's hard to judge because of how the snow drags as the foot lifts out of it. And of course, it's still snowing more, on top of them.
We do sometimes get a fox round here. I wander if it was him? RATS! I may have missed a photo of a fox in the snow!!! AArgh!

*** *** *** *** ***

OK here is why I was up and about late anyway. This is my first attempt at a stitched card. A wee little fieldmouse.

I really like how the colour of the mouse came out. I didn't have any brown thread, so I used one strand of dark red and one of yellow. Amazingly, combined they look just like golden brown. I'd never have thought of using this combination if I'd had brown!

If you would like to have a go, you can download the pattern FREE from Form-A-Lines Stitching Cards. The download comes with diagrams and instructions, too.

Here is a link straight to their free downloads. They also sell a wide choice of patterns for £1 per download, or £2.50 for a set of 3. The idea of the freebie ones is so you can have a go before parting with any cash, to make sure you can do it without going insane.

I found it harder than I expected, to be honest! But once I got into it I was ok. It's one of those things that, once you get the knack, you can go on quite smoothly and quickly. But I think I was thinking about it too much and getting in a tizz :)

I'm going to use this as the main part of a birthday card I need to make this month. I'm not saying who for cos she might read this.

Keep warm, people!


Shrinky said...

That card is amazing Helena, quite a work of art. My goodness, the whole of the UK has been thrown into chaos over this snow.. poor hubby flew to Gatwick early this morn, I suspect he's having a right old struggle to make it through to work. I warned the kids this morning they may need to stay home for the day, but lo and behold, when I poked my nose out the drive, there wasn't so much as a flake of snow to be seen. Seems to have passed us by (fingers crossed).

Gattina said...

I see you are in the same boat as I am here in Belgium ! When I opened the stores this morning it was all white and I got a nervous breakdown ! I thought it was over ! I hate snow, the whole country breaks down, the traffic is a mess and after two days it looks dirty ! Even my cats were offended except one !

Dragonstar said...

Just started snowing here this morning - though it's thicker inland I hear. Love the golden streetlight snow...

Helena, that mouse id gorgeous! I must look into this.

McElhinney is a very Donegal name.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

The mousie is gorgeous! Well done!

We just had a fine dusting overnight. We're on the west coast, as you know, and we rarely get any snow.

Life's Moments said...

Thanks for the visit to my site...Baxter does not try and catch the flakes he roots through the snow and gobbles it up by the mouth full...LOL
Love your site and will be back for a visit often.

VP said...

I love the card Helena - I've often wondered about mixing threads to get different shades.

Your night time shots are fab - doesn't the street lighting make it seem all other worldly? We've only got a little bit here, but it's bitter outside. I know 'cos I've just come in from taking photos!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful card - I'm not sure I'd have the patience!

There's a crow in Shoreham with similar markings. It happens quite a bit in blackbirds too.


Lorianna said...

Hello my sweet friend! How are you? I hope you are keeping warm. I saw all of your snow on the news this morning and thought of you, wondering if you were blanketed in it. It's looked like that around here for far too long! I hope your temps aren't as bad though. We have had teens and below 0's!
I am so behind with visiting blogs; what with Billie being sick and me just feeling so low...
But, Billie is feeling much better!
I read your post about your dad and I'm so sorry he is ill. I will hold you both in my thoughts.
I so enjoy reading about your card making. You make me want to get back on track with my crafting.
I hope you get some nice snow melting sunshine soon!

CherryPie said...

The snow looks lovely, I really want to be snowed in tomorrow ;-)

freebird said...

Wonderful pictures of the snow. We just heard on the news this evening about a 30 mile backup on the roads somewhere near London due to snow. Hope you get to enjoy the snow and not the traffic.

I've thought about stitching a card like this but haven't tried it yet.

Helena said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!!!!

The snow lasted till Tuesday morning- then lots of sleet and rain seems to have washed most of it away.


sally in norfolk said...

I have made a few of these form aline cards in the past.... we didnt have much snow here at all :-)

Rach said...

Hi Helena, love your stitched card, wish that i had the patients to do something like that. i take my hat off to you.
you asked if i know of a flourish stamp...sorry Helena i haven't a clue, i looked through the stampin up catalogue and the flourishes in there were in sets too and were quite pricey especially if you aren't going to use any of the other stamps.. i was trawling my computer to try and find out where i got the flourish from that i used in my watermark but had no luck, i know that it was a digital brush that i found on a scrapbooking website again for the life of me i can't remember which one..sorry hun.. i have been of no help at all. hope that you find what you are looking for.xx

i beati said...

The stitchery is so whimsical and sweet-loved all the pics.I bet it's like Christmas being challenged with al the new papers love sandy