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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I've been eating weevils.

-Not on purpose, I hasten to add. Though there's an interesting thought: which is worse, to eat weevils on purpose or without knowing it? Without knowing it, you might think, but aha! In that case, you don't know how many you ate, do you?

Oh no, my stomach just turned at that thought. Oops. Anyway. Better explain myself I suppose.

I was sick in the night, without any idea why. Then, just now, I re-opened a bag of nuts that I had been eating from yesterday. Here was I, reading emails without a care in the world- or at least, none that involve live insect feasts- here's me enjoying mixed nuts (especially the cashews, I thought) feeding my face without actually looking down at what was coming into it.
When suddenly I noticed a black mark on a cashew....which wriggled.



I tipped the lot out on to a plate and only found another two, but WHAT the???? How many WERE there? How many did I eat? How many are stuck in my teeth? Oh no, that's it; that last tooth comment was the last straw I have to go and hurl now.

Don't buy mixed nuts from Lidl. (Don't care if they sue. Sue. Go on! You made me eat live weevils you bastards. uuffff.)


Angel and Kirby said...

OH NO! I ate weevils once, too. But mine were cooked on the corn bread! I have been told they are just a little protein!

Chrissy said...

Oh dear, I shouldn't smile but I did. I found them in the flour on many occasions and can remember going on about it at work. My freind decided to check her cupboards and was horrified to find them in her flour too........she is a lot more houseproud than me. That was it, she was scrubbing her cupboards for weeks!

CherryPie said...

Oh Yuk!!!

candy said...


I haven't visited your blog in so long! Is it okay if I put your link on my blog?

I'm going to eat the first one right off the vine, then I'm going to try to collect a few more for a salad topping. Then when the others ripen, I'll give some away to family.

weevils? I've had those before....its very common. Those little varments get into my pasta, flour, dried potatos, lasagne, basically all my dried goods. Oh, they're just everywhere. I have to store everything in my freezer now. I don't even gross out anymore...


Helena said...

Angel and Kirby,

Ah yes, protein... well they will be ok on my low carb thing then! LOL!

Helena said...


they first appeared in this house in a batch of bird seed. I thought we'd got rid of them, then they turned up in the conservatory where we keep the bird seed- this time they had made a home in a bag of corn we'd bought for the squirrels. Well I got rid of those too and cleaned and vacuumed- thought we were rid and now this! Ugh!

Helena said...

Cherrypie- YUK indeed! Can you imagine eating them? Ugh! They are bad enough outside of your body.... ugh!

Helena said...



Of course you can put a link- I'd be thrilled!

Re the rest of your comment- I had to laugh as at first I thought you meant the weevils! LOL! But then I remembered your tomato plant. Thank goodness! LOL!

Roz said...

OMG! I hope you took a photo so you can send it to Lidl's!

Jackie said...

Now I want to hurl.

Jackie said...

I visit 'your' blogs all the time...ooh perhaps Dilly and Ted really do write their own.

Dragonstar said...

Copying CherryPie - YUK!!!

And double YUK!!!

I used to get them in "budget" flour from my local supermarket. Now I don't buy any flour there, and stick flour straight into sealable plastic boxes when I buy it. Horrible!

Hey, just thought you could keep some around for letter W!!!

Feronia said...

Oh, that's not happy thing at all, Helena. Another bad one is finding a worm in an apple - but only half the worm...

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Heavens above - my stomach is churning just @ the thought.
Once found some in wholemeal flour but it was before I baked with it.
Took it back to Sainsburys & come home with 5 fresh bags!

Take care & look before you eat - please!

Sandi McBride said...

I'm sure I've made and consumed biscuits from flour that the lowly weevil has made a home of...oh well, protein and all that!
You made me laugh out loud!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

That's so groooosss! I would have gagged like hell!You should call the company and give them crap.

Pinkllilac said...

Oh no Helena thats so yuck I can feel my insides turning now.
Are they slimming lol.
Hugs Linda hope you feel ok.

Debbie said...

Oh Helena you are just the tonic I need right now...you are hilarious! I wish you lived closer I just know we'd hit it off you are just my cup of tea.
I have never eaten weavils but I have eaten a widgety grub for a dare...well it's not the kind of grub you would eat unknowingly is it :)
Debbie x

freebird said...

Oh my! I HAVE been gone too long and I missed out on this but I've read it now! Well, I just threw out some oatmeal with bugs in it and I think I've eaten some of them before I noticed. Yikes. It is terrible isn't it? What did they do in the days before we could seal stuff up from the bugs?