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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Looks like a Thelwell to me!

This is my latest card. I really like this one. I made it for my partner's brother; it's his birthday next week. I don't think he's likely to be popping in here, though, so it's ok!
He's into horse racing so I found a horsey pic. Had to have a hedgehog in it too, obviously.
  • The image is a Penny Black rubber stamp.
  • I watercoloured the picture then mounted onto paper that I'd rubbed and scraped with Distress Inks, then attached a thin sticky gold line round the edges to finish off.
  • The oval is made of some paper that came free with a magazine, stuck onto card and mounted on foam pads so that it stands forward of the picture like a frame.
  • The plaque is just white card, again with Distress Inks, then a few ribbons.
  • The leaves are rub-on transfers.
Yep, definitely one of my favourites, this one.

I made this next one quickly as a notecard to put in with a parcel to someone. I like the effect of tearing paper. I think things can get too fussy sometimes.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Well I spoke up too soon about the weather! We had storms and we've been left with fresher days now, about 65 - 70 F. Much more comfortable for me!

I am hobbling about with a bad hip, my left one. It's been hurting for about 2 months and I didn't bother with the doctor as they would only have told me to take Ibuprofen, so I've been taking it anyway, -plus codeine when it's very bad, heat patches, cold patches, warm baths, you name it I've probably tried it. It isn't going away (I often get wonky joints for a phase, then they go ok again and it's another joint's turn). In fact it seems to be getting worse so I better make an appointment. Hey ho! Better dig out my decent pants. HAHAHA!

It's a burning sort pain, which is a bit of a concern as I always associate that kind with arthritis.


Julie said...

Beautiful card Helena :-) You're right about torn paper, it looks better than a straight edge often.

I hope you get your hip sorted out. It's no fun having joint pain.

sandy said...

I still think you should make me a whole pile since I use so many cards- each one different . I will have such fun.sandy

Angel and Kirby said...

I love the cards. The horse and hedgehog are so cute! I have a burning pain in my right hip. I think it is all muscular so I am off to see the DO nest week. That was as soon as he could get me. That's what I get for trying to tolerate this for months! Good luck with yours.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Love the horsy cards. Super.
Hope your doc is able to send you to a Physio. Better than painkillers. Mine is caused by a hip which has dropped 1.5cm. Bad posture to blame. Exercises sort it out, when I remember to do them.

Feronia said...

Gorgeous card, Helena! And yes, Thelwell! I had some of the books when I was a kid. Hope your hip feels better soon. One thing my grandma used to suggest and it was good when I had neck pain - so don't know if it's applicable here but anyway! - was to warm salt in a saucepan and then put the warm salt into a sock (and then seal the sock!) and place it onto the area. The minerals in the salt are drawn out by the warmth and - hopefully! - then go into the skin.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Helena, I adore Thelwell...I have two of his books that I guard with a lionesses regard...what a beautiful card! Your talent amazes me!!!

June said...

Hi Helena what a lovely blog you have ,ive enjoyed having a look around, Imade this horey card a while ago too such a cute image, wonderful card huggies June xxxx

Di said...

Hi Helena

Lovely cards! I do so love your Blog and often drop by. Paddington Bear is still safely here with us (Bob might like to know that). Re. the hip - yup, see the doc. Lots can be done and pain like that is miserable. Am sure you aren't going down that route but I had a hip replacement over three years ago now - I was just a Spring Chicken at the time ;)

Since then, I haven't looked back -and it was the best thing ever. Mind you, I do set the old metal detectors off at airports! Di x

Foolish said...

The Card is amazing

Lorianna said...

Oh which is cuter, the horsey or the hedgie? Such a sweet card Helena! I found a lady today who gives arts and crafts demos on her youtube channel. It's called Gypsysoul creations. I think her name is Sarah.
She's a brave one to do that! Maybe you could show off your amazing talents on youtube? :) I would certainly watch! Oh, she has kitties!
Your pain sounds much like mine. Nothing like limping through the supermarket in sheer pain. My left hip is bad too. Over the counter stuff does not help. Moist heat does feel very good. I hope you don't have the type of arthritis that I do. It is relentless and not something to ignore. Any kind of arthritis can really damage your joints permanently. I hope your doctor can help.
How are you feeling otherwise? I think of you so often!
I look forward to your next masterpiece! You always make such lovely cards. I hope they are selling well.
Have a happy weekend! Toeshee says "meow! I love you Helena!" :)

freebird said...

Beautiful cards. Not a racehorse but I bet he likes it anyhow!

Sounds like bursitis with the burning. When I had it though, it didn't last near two months. That's a long time to deal with it. Hope they can take care of it for you.