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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Trying to catch up a bit....

OK second attempt to update!

A few minutes ago I wrote, "I have just enough time to vacuum, or to update my blog. So the cat hair can wait." -and then the power went off and my computer screen disappeared into a black dot!!!! HURUMPPFF!!! Well the housework goblins can sod off and wait cos I'm back. HA.

Isn't this a lovely pic of Scooter?Pity about the collar. They don't normally have any, but as it's a new area I thought it best that they wear them whenever they're out in the garden- just in case.

Scooter has settled in really well, though I have to bring him indoors whenever I go out because we don't have a catflap. I don't want to shut him out. I think he might panic once he realised the door was shut. Course, he doesn't think like that, and just grumps cos he doesn't want in when the sun is out.

Fluffy is harder. She stills meows all night. From about 2 onwards. Last night and the night before, I shut them downstairs. They had food, water and a litter tray, a light on and their bedding. And the sofas, too, of course, which are also "theirs" apparently. It worked, in that I managed to get some decent sleep. But today Fluffy is really upset and moody. I can't get a purr out of her and she looks thoroughly reprimanded. Poor Fluff. I've tried cuddles but she's having none of it. What am I to do?

*** *** ***

Mum was in hospital for 8 days. Then, a little after she came out, she had a kidney infection. They put her on 4 anti-biotics a day for a week, ones that gave her stomach ache and made her feel sick. She stayed with us till about a week ago. She is gradually finding her feet again. I am nervous, as the seizures seem to come every 6 weeks or so, and I am looking at the calendar and holding my breath.....

She has good days and bad days. On the worst, she is confused and panics at the slightest thing, her memory is terrible and she can ask or say the same thing over and over, sometimes without waiting for a reply. If she is going to be this bad, it's usually in the evening or late afternoon. She definitely goes downhill with the day.

The worst part is that she is aware that her memory is poor, and that she isn't up to things that she could do before. She's frightened.

It's still hard to get her to eat. She says nothing tastes the same. I wonder if that's the epilepsy, or the epilepsy drugs...... they had to take her off that new one. She was only on it for a week and it made her feel awful....

I see her every day and she rings a lot. We can make plans for tomorrow, then when tomorrow comes she'll call and ask if we have any plans :)

I have to be at her place for 1pm today, so I am typing with one eye on the clock. I shall have to go and get the cats indoors before I leave. They'll grump. Then a walk to mum's- my 159lbs of lard means I shall walk not take the bus. MORE weight!!!!! It's a side effect of the anti-psychotics. And the red wine that I never used to drink.... oops.

I've made a few cards in the evenings.......

Sorry I don't have time to improve this photo.... this one became my Father's Day card. But I never heard back from him. Haven't heard a thing since March. I think it's because of the time I'm spending on mum. When we last spoke, and I was explaining what's going on, he just said, "Well I'm not well either." and hinted that I should have been looking after him all these years. Hey ho!

One for a friend, to thank her for a 3 hour phone call in the middle of the night!!!

An anniversary card, for Luvbug's sister and husband.

Best be off.

Just as I wrote that, the phone rang.
What time was it I was coming up today?

Not sure she even remembers the last 3 calls this morning....


Angel and Kirby said...

THose cards are beautiful! We hope your Mother improves, soon! Lovely picture of your kitty!

Julie said...

I'm glad that you've managed to get some decent sleep. It's so hard having to repeat everything all the time, we had it with DH's Mum with her dementia. Try and look after yourself and remember you can only do so much. I'm sorry your father is not being very kind. xx

CherryPie said...

I love that picture of scooter :-)

I can understand how worrying it is for you about your Mum's health and how stressful that is for you.

Sending you some *big hugs* CC xx

Stardust said...

Beautiful Scooter! As for Fluffy, she just needs more time I hope.

Things must be so hard there, but I'd like to believe that you're not trying in vain. I'm touched by your massive love, to care for all at home and loved ones outside. Surely your love be reciprocated, kind soul.

Again, take things slow, let those that can wait, wait. Besides your mom, take good care of yourself too. We're here for you, always.

Thinking about you too. Hugs..

Feronia said...

Lovely to see you blogging, Helena. Hard times for you but all any of us can do is keeping putting one foot in front of the other, which you are doing so well. Do take care. Thinking of you. Hugs xx

i beati said...

I owe you money I used the cards ages ago and forgot . I'm sorry - payday in 25 days will get to it put posties up everywhere. 2 lovely cats..sandy

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Sending big hugs to you and your mum. Thank goodness she's got you.

Candy Bello said...

So sorry about your Mum! oh no!!


Chrissy said...

Lovely cards, I am amazed you have found the time!
I do think you have one spoiled kitty there, a few closes of the door at night might not be amiss, let there be some sulks, lol!
It is hard having to repeat things all the time and so sad to watch when someone loses memory. Often people think that the person doesn't realise but, they usually know something is wrong and become frightened, which is so hard when you love them. Big hugs to you XX