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Friday, 24 June 2011

Arty surprises

A great surprise arrived in the post this week! This is from Andrea and Beanie at Found Art; a selection of their Art Cards, for the hedgehog charity stall. Brilliant!

Thanks Andrea!!!!

Meanwhile a church in south Colchester had its annual exhibition of amateur art. We went a few years ago, saw a lovely mixed media picture, didn't buy it, and talked about it ever since. D'oh! So this time when we went I went prepared; change for cake and tea, and cheque book for just-in-case.

Here's the church, All Saints, Shrub End:

Inside.....the walls were covered with pictures. I was quite tempted by this one on the far left; it's of a tabby cat on a bed!

Mum enjoyed it!
This was one of mum's favourites-
...but she wouldn't let us buy her any of the pictures; even though this one was available as a £1.20 card, she said no. Oh well! She had a nice cake and cup of tea though ;)

One of my favourites. It was just called 'Ireland'; a pen and ink wash for £20. Lovely!

Lots of people-

View to the back of the church- those two paintings either side were lovely, but were £650 each!!

 Luvbug was keen on a couple. Then it struck me that it's his birthday next month and I had no idea what to get him. Ding! Little light bulb went on. I asked him to pick one of his favourites for his birthday present (I offered this after consulting the catalogue to make sure I could afford them though! LOL!) In this end he chose this; 'Country Lane';
-this is it hanging in our living room! I can't do anything in pastel at all, so I was very impressed to read that this is pastel!!
It gets even nicer the more you look at it!
By the evening I was regretting not snapping up that pen and ink wash of the Irish castle :(

Well, the next day, Luvbug dashed off to the exhibition, convinced them to open early, bought one of the pictures and nipped back home again.

By about 3 in the afternoon he couldn't stand it anymore and said to me, "I do love you, even though you're very unobservant!"

Huh? Unobservant? I started to look around.... eventually I spotted it! Here is that Irish castle on our wall, under my pawtrait of Bob T Bear;
Isn't Luvbug sweet?????

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Well blogger has been playing up this week I know, but now it seems to have swallowed my signature as well! 


Found art blog said...

OH!!! What a fabulously arty week you've had!! ANd I'm pleased that the cards all got there!! Mostly using the stuff Bob and Dilly collected for me!!

Angel and Kirby said...

That was a fun outing. Beautiful artwork!

i beati said...

Wish I had been there would never have stopped buying

Zorana said...

Beautiful paintings and exhibited in a lovely surrounding. Your lovebug is extra sweet! And so are you for leaving such lovely comments on my blog. Thank you!

Chris said...

What a fab place to visit and I love the artwork...totally gorgeous.
Have a great week
Chris xx

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

thank you for the lovely blog comment. Those pictures are beautiful x

Di said...

Hi Helena

What lovely paintings - and it's good to see you calling by my blog to comment. I do feel happier when you're a bit 'up' although never feel you can't say how you feel on your blog if you're down - we do all care chick!!). Must knuckle down and do some hedgie things - hope I'm not too late? How kind of Found Art to send some stuff - mine won't be as good but will do 'me best' Big hugs, to you and everyone, Di and Paddy XX

Chrissy said...

What a lovely update...and Yes, Luvbug is sweet :D I am catching up after what seem like ages although it isn't really. I am glad you all enjoyed, I love those sort of events :)

freebird said...

How wonderful! The whole event sounds like it worked great for you. And now you both have a picture to keep remembering.