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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Coming out of the haze

Gosh, sorry. I don't remember writing that last post. If I had remembered it, I'd have done an update on it sooner, in case people were worrying about me. THANK YOU ALL for all your loving support and messages.....

I don't remember much of last week, apart from Friday.

I went to my GP Thursday morning. It was an appointment booked in advance to ask for a cholesterol test (mine's always high; whole family's is high, so have a check every 18 months or so...) ANYWAY I got in there and I burst into tears, and I remember telling her about hallucinating rabbits and being so desperately low, but I don't think it was a very long appointment. Or maybe it was, but to me it seemed like 5 minutes. It just flew by.

She gave me a form for a blood test. Hmmm. They are usually green. This was white and in small writing it said something about 'psychotropic elements' -wha?? Does she think I'm high? I mean high from illegal stuff and s**t??

Outside, I fell over. Searing pain through my right ankle. I heard people behind me saying something - it was pre 9am so still the 'school run'. I actually remember thinking, "Is anyone going to help me down here?" (!!!) A woman came and asked if I was OK, took my arm, but I said I was ok, thanks, I thanked her over and over.

Don't recall getting home. Don't remember the rest of Thursday at all, except taking a razor to my left forearm and, being surprised by how much blood came out, covering it up with a large white dressing.

Friday- I tried to get out of bed and AAAAAAAARGH! I looked down and saw that my right ankle was twice the width of my left one. Luvbug drove me to A & E. I had my blood test whilst there. An X-Ray said all ok, just a sprain. So I have an elasticky thing on it. My arm was in a bad way. I told them it was all part of falling in gravel. They cleaned it up and redressed it. Today I've just put a new one on.

No driving till I can 'hop on the bad foot 20 times' and no cycling. Actually, I quit my driving lessons last Monday. Just the start of a bad week......

I'm meant to be sitting with my foot 'higher than my bum' and then draw the alphabet with my toes. But I'm afraid I'm not being a very good patient as habitual seating positions are just too hard to give up ;)

*** *** ***

A smile:- Scooter has again taken to sleeping upstairs on our bed. He comes in all meows & chortles, and snuggles in between us, sometimes under the duvet, in which case he leans on me. The other night he came in soaking wet form the rain and gained access to the bed via a climb over Luvbug's neck LOL


Angel and Kirby said...

I hope you are feeling better! Did you get the blood test taken? What were the results? WE hope the Doc can help you.

Found art blog said...

Luvbug got wet pawprints on his neck? And you got the fuzzy hugs? Sounds like a good trade!!! 'nother hug from the mouse....!

Chris said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon hun... sounds like you are having a tough time. Thinking of you
Chris xx

Stardust said...

It's hard to hear about all that pain, bleeding and stuff. I hope all the hurting stops soon. You stay strong there for you're truly making it out of the haze soon. Just believe it. Thank Scooter for being with you.

Helena said...

Angel & Kirby,

I'm mostly OK now, but won't have the blood test results for 10 days!!! Hugs and under-chin tickles :)


Yup, Mr Scooter is very cheeky, isn't he? :)


Thank you :) I've been over reading your blog as I am behind with visiting people. it was nice to catch up with you again!


Don't you worry about me! Just you take care of Breadcrumb!

*** *** ***

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support and caring thoughts....

Di said...

Hi Helena, sending love and hugs. Please keep trying to find your way out of the fog - difficult though it must be. Too many people love you! Big hugs, Di xxx

Roz said...

Helena! I emailed the link on your blog, so you should have my email addy that way, lol... I don't have your other email anymore since laptop upgrade... the hss one I used to have...


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Helena,

Sending love and hugs, wish there was something I could do to help.
Don't despair, you are stronger than you realise, and lots of friends on here are wishing you well. Love Lynda xx