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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The muse may be sneaking back....

 I bought two extra craft mags this month (gulps; feels slightly guilty).
The first is 'Simply Homemade', which is only in its 4th issue. I'm afraid I bought it solely for the free stamps!!!!
I uhmed and erred about it, put it back, then went back to WH Smith a few days later and bought it anyway... because as well as a tree and a bird, one of the stamps is a large ladybird, and I know someone who LOVES ladybirds...... so I made these for her-
 instead of attaching the toppers to blank cards, I folded some cotton paper in 4 to make a 'notelet' and attached them to these;

(Some of these photo's are a tad blurred- sorry about that, the light was poor, that's my excuse- )

 the stamp included the antennae but I used chain stitch in double cotton thread instead :)

I packed them up with envelopes and a homemade label:
 and a notecard:
and off they went to the Netherlands. Ssshhh! I think it's ok to say. She doesn't really pop in to this blog, she's usually around Bob's place ;)

OK next!!!!

This is a new magazine, called Mollie Makes.

You can look inside the first issue here.

I signed up for the first three issues for £5. The advert for this offer was in my papercraft magazine-

....so in the absence of a detailed contents list, I assumed it would have lots of papercraft in it. Not so! It is very inspiring, though, with interviews with crafters and lots of photo's etc., but mostly for sewing, knitting and crochet, home design, that sort of thing. So I've cancelled any further issues after my initial 3. I would recommend you have a look at it though, if you spot it. It really is something different, and very lovely. But for me it would be a sort of coffee table book- inspirational but not entirely useful!

Anyway, enough waffle.
This mag comes with a kit each issue. This first one comes with a kit to make a mobile phone holder:

 Here is the holder I made with the kit, and my phone.

Incidentally, it isn't as flash as it looks, my phone. Although I do enjoy it. It's newish, see, I've only had it a month or so. It comes with a built in pointy stick for you to type with on that touch screen. Cute ;) No, it's not an I phone! It was £34.99 at Tesco (no affiliation blah blah blah though my Bear loves Tesco cos he gets to ride in the trolley, which you can't do in Waitrose, as they give you funny looks in there if you let your Bear ride in the trolley.)

 The other side.

Now, that brown felt was my own. All the other felt came in the kit. The felt they supplied was VERY thin and stiff, more like a kind of handmade paper. I took the grey felt that they supplied for the main part of the case and used for a lining:

Next month's issue comes with a kit to make a felt flower. Hmmm. I wonder if the felt will be of any better quality. Never mind, you still get the pattern!

I really enjoyed making this as it was something I needed. It works well and my phone doesn't slip out of it at all so the screen is protected at last from all the junk in my bag.

Hope you enjoyed browsing!

NEXT I need to clear out the 'craft room'
For 'craft room', read-
'Small room between the kitchen and the back door, near the piles of recyclable plastic and paper that are awaiting the right collection day. Listed as bedroom 4 by the estate agent but used as an office by previous owner. Now contains 2 large shelf units, 1 small bookcase, 2 computer desks, 3 shelves filled to bursting. And boxes. Boxes in stacks. '
I thought if I spend just 15 minutes a day trying to clear it out, that's nearly 2 hours after a week. It HAS to look different after then, doesn't it? Bought this in The Range today. It's a 'Really Useful' tray. It wasn't too pricey (just under a fiver). I thought I'd have it on a desk, with pens in one bit, then scissors in another, then paper scaps, then stapler, etc etc. Then when I want more room I can just lift it all off in one go. We'll see!


Angel and Kirby said...

Those are lovely lady bug cards! I have been helping a friend organize her sewing/craft/quilting rooms and supplies. I started out spending one day a week helping her. Then it turned into two days a week. Last week it was 4 days! We can see the end of the project coming. She has over 200 bolts of fabric, almost 700 quilt books, Who knows how many patterns and tubs of other fabrics and small tubs or shoe boxes of projects!

I am wishing you luck that your 2wo hours a week gets your supplies in spiffy order. Just keep on working on it!

Di said...

Hi Helena, great to see you crafting - lovely stuff too. You could get hooked on Really Useful boxes - I am. In haste, school reunion this weekend! Hugs, Di xxx

mrsnesbitt said...

Great idea - my room looks as though a bomb has dropped on it!!! had to be gutted for wiring jobs! Once we get back from hols I'll be starting to sort stuff out - I may be some time! lol!

Julie said...

Great to hear you are feeling more creative :-) The cards are beautiful! You have a great idea for clearing up your workspace. I think I should do that too, a little at a time is a great idea!

PS Yes,thank you, I did get the gloves for my poor hands :-) Tell Dilly I sent her a big huggy kiss xxx

freebird said...

Sounds like things are looking up for you finally at least mood-wise. Those are wonderful cards. Your friend is going to love them. Good luck on getting that room straightened out!

Found art blog said...

Love the cards.... and good luck with the clearing up too!

Feronia said...

Looks like you've got some good projects on the go, Helena!

Vicky said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my cards. Love your felt phone holder - good idea to use your own felt. I used the grey stuff from the kit and it is rather stiff!

Scrapmumur said...

Your cards are very gorgeous!!!
I love the look and the ladybug.
Wonderful works.
Big hugs, Murielle

Chris said...

Wow Helena you've been a busy bee and beautifully so... think I could do with some of your mojo sent my way...lol
Chris xx

Sandy Michelle said...

The lady bug (or should I say lady burd) cards are fabulous! I sure wish they had that magazine here in Canada! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sandy xox

Gea said...

Hello Helena!

Yes, I do look at this blog too, but this time the mail came before looking here so your surprise package arrived as a real big surprise!!!! Thank you so much! I love the cards and made pictures of every single one of them for my ladybug collection blog (you can see the link in the sidebar of Hammie's blog!
You are so kind! I'm going to frame one of them and use the others.

Thinking of you and hoping that you feeling well soon!

Big hug from me (and Hammie of course ;-)! )


Jodi said...

wow i love the cards! its really nice!

alfred said...
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