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Friday, 17 June 2011

The comfort of craftiness.... and colds, and a sprained ankle ;)

A horrible combination of things conspired together to bring me quite a nice day today, despite the rain, and Scooter's sulkiness at not being able to sunbathe!

-First, I racked my bad ankle.
Remember I sprained it last week? Well I've had it strapped up during the day, but not at night. So this morning, when someone was banging on the door really loudly and urgently, I didn't think, I just jumped out of bed and ran downstairs- without any strap on my bad foot!!! AAAAARGH!

Turned out to be a strange looking wee Greek fella in purple dungarees;

"Come to do your carpets?"
"Er... no thanks!"
"Yeah, I've come to do yer carpets, love!"
"Um, no, no thank you!" (confused!)
"Well yeah, I've come to do yer new carpets. Fit 'em?"
"Oh, well, er, I think you may have the wrong address?"
"Nah, it says number 2. This is [says name of this road] innit?"
"Well that's what it says 'ere."
"Sorry! Not us!"
"Can I talk to your husband?"
OK now I'm confused, in pain AND LIVID!
"Sorry, don't have one! Bye!"
BLOODY CHEEK!!!!! Oh, my other half has ordered new carpets but why should I, with my little female brain know anything about it? WTF????!!!! I mean, apologies to Luvbug if he has suddenly ordered new carpets for the house as a weird surprise present or something, but WTF??????!!!!!

ANYWAY so now, although tired (still not sleeping) I am also wide awake so I make tea, make a fuss of Scooter and sit down with the radio on. Foot is throbbing. But I soon doze. Mum rings, sounds like she has a cold suddenly- was ok yesterday, now croaky. Then the heavens open and the rain pours..... so it's decided that instead of going to mum's this afternoon as arranged, we both need to stay indoors and rest.

Horray!!! I ache, I'm wound up, my foot is killing me, but I have some free time! Horray!!!  :)

So I decided to make my fox.....

Issue 2 of Mollie Makes arrived last week:

With it, you get a free kit for making a felt flower....

Made mine, but not sure what I shall do with it........

I'm still sorting out my craft space and I'm thinking of having a noticeboard for displaying card that people send me, so I could pin it up there :)

Inside the mag is an article about making a felty fox:

The designer, Lori, has a blog, here......Pretty Little Things - have a look!

So anyway I made my fox. I made him 2/3rd the size of the pattern as I didn't want a big toy one, I wanted a little lavender one.

I gave him a little fish instead of a flower....

Spot the deliberate mistake!
I sewed his tail on back to front!!!! LOL!!!

Oh well!!!

Here's what I stuffed him with- some merino wool tops left over from my needle felting the other year (oooo now there's an idea...) plus some dried lavender.

The lavender is really strongly scented. I bought it from Land Cuckoo, which I think was recommended to me by Mrs Nesbitt. Mr Scooter can also recommend her their handmade Catnip Sacks, btw.

I wonder if, as a lavender sack, Foxy might be better with his tail curled round and fixed with a stitch in front?-

I'm also wondering if to make half a dozen and sell them at the fairs I'll have a stall for, in aid of the hedgehogs. Maybe I should try to make a hedgehog design. Any ideas?! Maybe a felty nose and tummy and something like hessian for the prickly bit....

This is a scrap I bought from the 15p remnant basket at my local haberdashery: CATS!!!!

I like to rummage in that shop. Foxy's belly is from a 15p scrap of soft suedette.

I had to hand-sew Foxy, as I still can't work out the sewing machine. But I've invested in this:
LOL! So I shall soon, hopefully, be fully mechanised!!!!

*** *** *** *** *** **** ***

It was so lovely to sit and sew, with Craft TV on low in the background, and only having to get up for more tea or to dry Scooter after he'd been out in the rain *AGAIN* just to see if it were still wet.

Mum and Luvbug got here half an hour ago, so I just have time to add my photo's to this blog, then it's back to the kitchen...... ready made chicken pie this evening, I think will do though ;)

Hope you're all ok. Thanks for all the support and hugs........


Julie said...

I'm glad you had a lovely crafty day Helena but sad you've hurt your foot :-( I wonder if purple dungarees was a distraction-type person? Your little fox is gorgeous and I don't think it matters that his tail is back to front. He would make a great addition to your stall or hedgehogs too :) I love that he is full of lavender mmmmmmmm!

Hope you enjoyed the chicken pie :) xxx

Angel and Kirby said...

Foxey is so cute! I think he would sell at the stall. Hedgehogs would be cute, too!

Chris said...

Oh what a giggle I had at your carpet man...lol Made my day although not yours I guess!!
Love love love your flower and that oh so cute fox... it doesn't matter if his tail is back to front he is still gorgeous.
chris xx

Chris said...
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Found art blog said...

Squeaks!!! You made stuff!! YAY!! Oh, and I posted you somethng for the hedgehog stand the other day too....

Roz said...

Isn't it fab when you get a whole (almost) day to yourself??!
I love your little foxy, maybe you could make some hedgies to sell???

Chicken pie sounds lovely... mmm mmmmmmm.

Jensters said...

Helena thanks for bloghopping in the middle of the early hours...lol....and stopping by mine and giving me such a wonderful comment.....im in love with that little fox of yours and Lavender is my favourite....neat it heals all my burns x

Little Leon said...

Hello Helena, I'm Helen, Little Leon's (stress head) Mum.

Love the foxy, might have to have a try myself.

Have you got some Comfry in your garden? If you pick a few leaves, boil them and wrap them round your foot, with a cloth soaked in the juice (cooled! Dont make my mistake and do burns!) That should help the bruising come out and will soothe your foot. No idea how it works it just does, its old advice from my long gone Nan.

Stay well


Stardust said...

I hope your footy is getting all better now! Don't strain yourself unnecessarily!

You're blessed with such good hands, in anything! I couldn't help smiling at the foxey, everybody does! Hedgehogs will be YAY!

mrsnesbitt said...

That book looks just up my street!