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Friday, 7 October 2011

First in a series of catch-ups, or at least, that's what I plan!

Meet Caroline.
Or to be precise, meet Caroline meeting Bob and Dilly!

Caroline and I met at St Thomas More's Primary School in the mid 70s. We were great friends, despite her being a year below me, meaning different peer groups and clubs etc. And of course, me leaving for secondary school before her.

After I'd left we kept in touch as penpals. Nowadays I suppose kids would swap mobile phone numbers and text each other. Exchange messages on Facebook? But I wonder if these methods will produce a correspondence that will stand the test of time. Writing letters was fun. Getting post was exciting. And tangible letters written on best paper were kept, whereas modern messages are deleted.

Well despite keeping in touch all these years, the last time we'd actually met was 1996! I sent her something for her birthday last month, and she wrote back to say that she was coming to my area for a conference- and couldwe meet for lunch? My instant response was panic, panic, panic. But here is the advantage of the faster paced correspondence- a text response was called for, and delay would send a message of coolness, would it not? So I said yes, and worried about it afterwards.

There was nothing to worry about, of course, I just get sooooo nervous. I'm always convinced that people will only like me while they're not meeting me.

We had about 2 hours before she had to go. The weather was amazing and we ate outside among the trees in the garden of an art cafe. Lots of laughter!

I do hope we meet up again soon. We can't possibly leave it 15 years again- I'll be 58!!

Here's what I sent Caroline for her birthday.
I've been teaching myself crochet since June/July.
Still can't do circles.
But I can do even squares at last.
I lined this little purse with fabric from a dress I bought in Peacocks for £2 (good way to get nice material, I have learned!)
The button was from a bag of vintage buttons bought at a fair, about a dozen for £2.50.

I am enjoying getting into crochet and rummaging for vintagey fabric.

This purse is made with bamboo yarn, so is really soft. I've also done some in wool, then felted them. I hope to do more updates and show you some!

Thank you all for your purrs and purrayers for Scooter. I managed to get his medicine down him today, his snuffles and snorts seem less, and quieter, or maybe I just hopeful. He has slept most of the day away, and hasn't eaten much. Though he did enjoy joining in with our fish 'n' chips this evening!


Di said...

The old friendships that stand the test of time are the very best honey! So glad you had a nice time, and the bag you made is just gorgeous! Nice to see you blogging, fingers are still crossed here for Scooter. And of course you had to share your fish and chips - that's all part of being owned by a cat :) Di xx

Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

THose are very nice projects. You are doing very well with crochet . We are still sending purrs and hogs to Scooter!

Found art blog said...

And you had nothing to worry about....!!!!! Glad Scooter seems to be better, too!

Julie said...

Glad to see you blogging again Helena :-) How lovely to pick up where you left off with an old friend. I bet Bob and Dilly had a great time too.

Your crochet is beautiful and I should know!

I'm glad Mr Scooter is a little better. Fish and chips do the trick every time! :-)

Buttons the Bear said...

Beautiful job on the lovely crochet bag. I'm sure your long time friend loves it.

Stardust said...

It can't be true Helena, I'm sure you are just as lovable in paper or person, I'll be happy to be able to meet you one day!

Blessed Caroline, to have you as a friend who never forgot her. She must feel your delicate love for her with your handmade purse. :) Vintage is classy!

Glad that Scooter is getting wee bit better. Fish and chips, oh your darling is lucky.

Found art blog said...

Well if Scooter's joining in with fish and chips, he can't be feeling TOO bad, can he?!?!!!

Chrissy said...

I love the crochet, I haven't done any of that in ages, what a lovely bag, it is beautiful.... nice to see you again and glad you had a good time XX