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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More crochet....& update on Scooter

Scooter's latest favourite sleepy place is by the conservatory door. He is lying on- a pillow, a folded fleece cover, followed by a memory foam cushion and a furry underblanket. I said to Luvbug, it's like that story, The Princess And The Pea. He suggested I put a cat biscuit at the bottom and see if Scoot can feel it.

He loves the conservatory because he can feel out and in at the same time, and cats like that.

I've invested in a Vicks Steam Vaporizer. You fill it with water, plug it in, and soon you have a steady stream of steam to humidify the room. I've switched it on in 'his' room. I'm surprised at how it heats the room up! I don't know if it will help his catarrh, but I can always use it when I next get asthma-ry myself :)

Over the weekend Scooter got so much better. We were all saying how amazed we were at such a recovery! Then on Sunday night, soon after I gave him his night dose of anti-biotic, he suddenly got worse, wheezing and snorting with every breath, unable to settle or eat. I stayed up with him till 3am. Eventually I got him to rest by continually stroking and gently pushing into the area under his chin/back of his throat. When I did this the snorting stopped. After 15 minutes or so I was able to remove my hand without the noise returning and so my poor cub got to sleep at last.

8am I was up, and the noise in his throat was back. It didn't calm down till the afternoon. I rang the vet, desperate to know how on earth he could have gone backwards like this. He said that maybe the anti-biotic had just 'loosened a big piece of horrableness' and now Scooter was having to deal with it, uable to cough it out or spit like we would. So on his advice I continued with the medicine.

He still isn't 100%. But he is eating and likes being stroked. Still a bit noisy and sniffy. The decongestant is a real help, I think. I didn't even know cats could have these and wonder why he was never given them before.

Right now he is out in the October sun. I've put one of his covers on the outdoor table and he has used the chairs as steps and got up there and stretched out. He makes my heart go "Ahhhhh...."

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Here is a bit of felting. I crocheted this bag in wool and then threw it in the washing machine with some towels and hit 'hot as you like'. It shrank, and while still wet I pulled it into shape, filled it with bubble wrap and left it to dry.

Next, I used old skirt material to line it, added a piece of ribbon label inside, and a magnetic clasp.

I covered the clasp with a square of the skirt material and sewed on small buttons (because I didn't have a single one big enough!)

The local fabric/wool shop had a competition to make a bag or a cushion, so I entered it. I knew it wouldn't win but I just wanted to see it with all the others. That was good!

I'm enjoying learning to crochet but have to pace myself and stop as soon as my finger joints hurt. I still can't do a circle. That's my next challenge: I've found a pattern for a lovely round cushion cover.....


Found art blog said...

If Scooter's interested in eating, that's gotta be a good thing. Lots of squeaky hugs from me.... I don't mind snoring cats at all!!

Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

I am glad Scooter is eating. I hope the rest clears up soon. That is a cute purse! you are doing beautiful work.

Di said...

Aw Scooter - eating is good and he seems contented and so very well loved honey :) Love the bag you made too! Di xx

Julie said...

What a good idea to use a vaporiser, I'm glad it's helping Scooter. I do hope he gets better soon. Eating is good!

Your felted bag is lovely, you are doing really well with them and I love mine :-)

Thank you and Dilly so much for the very pretty pink card you sent me and for Dilly's lovely drawing :-) they both made me smile, which is good :-) xx

Feronia said...

I'm so glad Scooter is holding his own, Helena. I'm thinking of him :) Love your crochet and craft work! I cannot work out how to crochet for the life of me, so well done!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Aw!Poor Scooter! Hope he makes a good recovery. x

mrsnesbitt said...

Crochet? It escapes me!!! lol!