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Friday, 21 October 2011

Holding on

Still here.
Thank you for your kind comments.

I stayed on the sofa last night. Managed to sleep a couple of hours. Made a fuss of Scooter, whose sinus problem was having a noisy stage. When Kevin got up for work I gave Scooter his morning meds in a piece of raw pork, then kissed K 'have a nice day' and headed for bed.

A little more sleep, check-in with mum on phone at 9am, then downstairs to check on Scooter who was........ sitting outside in the sun!

I kept an eye on him out there, and as the sun moved round so I put down blankies farther and farther down the garden to catch the warm rays. Eventually the roof of the house made it impossible to keep up. Eventually he retreated to indoors again.

Mum was up not long after 1. She has managed to get a bus here on her own for about 2 weeks now which is at once amazing and terrifying.

I cooked salmon for everyone. Scooter had a belly full.

I haven't eaten much this week, but I enjoyed my salmon pie and chips.

Still low. Cry when I think of Scooter not getting better.

Meeting up with Beanie on Sunday. Nervy but optimistic. Don't think I'm the best company at the mo.

I am saddest of all to see the summer go, especially when I see Scooter clinging to the last warm rays. He loves to lie in the sun. If only he were going into summer with this illness, not winter.

I can't think very much. I am worn out.


Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

Winter can be so depressing as can the up coming Holidays! Having a sick kitty does not help! Sending hugs and smiles in hopes it will lighten your day!

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh hun xxxxx Call me anytime xxxx

Di said...

Hi Helena. I'm always here too honey - thinking of you loads and sending love and hugs. Di xxx

Feronia said...

One foot in front of the other, Helena. Sometimes that's all we can - and need - to do. Thinking of you - please feel free to email me anytime :) x

Found art blog said...

You know what? It was a lovely day out!!! Hugs to you and Scoots!!!