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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Phew! OK to fight another day

Phew! Well the vet wasn't too panicked by Scooter's bloody poo. She said that it could be quite common for dogs and cats to have this if they have had a bad tummy upset, and he is really in the 'looks like coloured water' category lately, so that's a BIG upset. It might be that after so many kinds of medicine lately, he might have some ulceration inside :(

ALSO discovered that I might not have helped- as getting his tablets down him has been so difficult, I've been grinding them up and hiding them altogether in a bit of mushy food, then syringing this into his mouth. I just asked the vet if it was ok to give them altogether like this, and she said that there was one that I SHOULDN'T BE GRINDING UP at all. The one he has for his thyroid has a protective coating and needs to be digested slowly...... oh dear. I'm sorry, Scoob! He hadn't taken it for days and I was desperate to get it inside him. It's from that day that he's had the runny poos.


Yesterday we had another day of him not eating much. But he did enjoy more time in the sun. Me and Luvbug sneaked out to a charity book fair, where, after a few hours, we amassed 3 carrier bags' full of books. When we got back, Scooter was on a garden chair and when Luvbug went out to say hello, Scooter stepped up and put his front paws on the table and stretched up to greet him. Awww he really does love his lapdaddy!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** 
This weekend Mum has gone to my brother's. Insert cheer here. It was touch and go as he said he might not make it cos his car was in the garage again. He did have a hired car, so I didn't really get why he couldn't commit. Hmmm. Mum was disappointed and said, "It's a break for me, you see." I had to bite my tongue and try not to laugh- a break for HER?!!! LOL! Well at least I'm glad she sees it this way. I'd hate for her to think she's being dumped somewhere against her will and then sitting there missing us.
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More fish is on the hob for Scoob. He has had a nibble at his dry food today for the first time in over a week and a half. That's a good sign (touch wood now!)

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This time last week I was on my way to London to meet Andrea of Found Art fame. I should have blogged about this sooner! I forgot my camera :(
We went to a huge art shop, where I bought some stuff to do lino cutting. I'd like my Xmas card this year to be a lino print. Then we had a lovely lunch and a ride on the top of a London bus, seeing lots of the famous places. Andrea gave me an early birthday present. She had gone all the way to Harrods to find them- genuine little macarroons from Paris. WOW! Thanks again for these, and for a great day, Andrea!

Ooo yum. Sorry the photo doesn't show them all, but as Mama Bear can testify, some choccies move faster than the speed of camera.

You can read more about our day at Beanie's blog here.

Thank you all, again, for your kind messages of support and care.


mrsnesbitt said...

harrods - wow! Enjoy your break hun - what you planning? Love to Scoot xxxx

Found art blog said...

Well glad to see the maccaroons didn't last long!!!!! Glad Scooter's doing OK, despite the medicine muck up!!! Have fun with the lino printing too....!

Di said...

Good news about Scooter :) You weren't to know about the coating on the tablets - I expect the instructions were written in 'Feline' and not English anyhow :(

Glad your bro. has finally stepped up to the mark - and hope you're having a relaxed weekend.

Yikes, lino cutting. Does this involve sharp implements then? If so, sadly not something I could be trusted with but please do a show and tell as you progress - it sounds great!

Love and hugs, Di xxx

Admiral Hestorb said...

I am so glad you found out about the coating of the tablet. Let us know if this solves the poo problem and also..do youhave the equivilent of Pill Pockets to put pills into, in your Country? They are flavored and usually the cat will take the pill with the pocket . They come in 3 flavors and there are seperate ones for dogs.

Angel and Kirby said...

We hope Scooter continues to eat and do better. Glad you got to take the trip to London. That should have given you a big lift. ANd now a week long break! Have fun and enjoy.

At least your brother can see what you have to deal with every day!

Dragonstar said...

So glad about Scooter - keep up the good work! Great for you to
have a break, too. I think you're over-due for one :)

Feronia said...

So glad to hear Mr Scoot is doing ok. The lino printing sounds great - I love lino prints. And those macaroons...mmmmmm!

Found art blog said...

Hello!!! Just popping in to let you know I gave you An Award (on the found art blog!!!) Hope you like it.....