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Monday, 24 September 2012


I came across this in a book of kitty quotes today:

Cats As Teachers

We have learned many things from living with our cats. Some lessons are directives that we would be wise to follow:
- Live a rhythmic life
- Sit and savour the present moment
- Gaze intently
- Stretch often
- Keep out of harm's way
- Take care of your family
- Be independent, but don't be afraid of being dependent on others
- Cherish your wildness, even if no-one else does
-When you want something, be persistent
- When someone pays attention to you, respond with affection
- If you are embarrassed, turn your back on the situation and get on with your life
- Enjoy small treats
- Keep yourself clean
- Take a nap when you need one, and try to relax more.
Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat

Good, isn't it? 
If you live with a cat, are there any more you can add to the list?  
I might add "there's nothing wrong with hiding away from the world for a little while, if you're afraid or upset"....
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THANK YOU, everyone, for the dozens of messages over the last few posts......... Luvbug, Mum and I have been very touched and helped by so much concern, and that thought that people far away would take the time to try to offer comfort. You have been an enormous help.

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We took Scooter's food to the cat rescue centre a mile or two from us. Whilst there, they invited us to view the cats up for adoption. I explained we weren't going to adopt, but decided to visit.

There were a few that looked just like Scoot, at different stages of his life. A 6 month old kitty Scoot, with glowing eyes, curious and friendly; a shy, adult Scoot, nervously peeping out of a box; an older black cat, fast asleep, curled up with his tail wrapped round...... it was strangely comforting. Like looking into his eyes again. Like saying hello again. I'd have thought it would have upset me. Luvbug was concerned. But it didn't. It made me feel warm inside again.
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Today it became a week since he passed. About half an hour before the 'weekaversary', I noticed the clock and my stomach turned, remembering last week at that time, the vet arriving, the things that followed.

We've bought flowers for Scooter's spot, and also some top soil and flowers for his poo patch(!)
I've found a large stone that I plan to paint with something for him and Fluffy, to mark where they lie now (Figs already has a cast iron little curled up cat statue). 

I did order a lovely bronzed cat figurine for the purpose, but when it arrived today, I decided it was far to nice to leave outside, and so it now sits by the fire where one of his water bowls used to be.
Here's a picture of it. It measures about 6 inches high:
I was particular about getting one with a LONG tail. Vets commented about the length of his tail. And I like the way one of the paws is slightly curled. And as for the expression, well that is how he looked as he squinted into the setting sun..........

We also bought a cuddly Scootercat for Mum. I told her, when you miss him, cuddle this one:
She loves it. She carried it home in her bag, with the head sticking out over the top and said it would live on her bed between two bears. She spent the evening posing it into different ways that Scooter had sat and lay :)

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If you have lost a furrend, was there anything you did that helped you afterwards? Is it just time that helps? I've just this evening read some advice that I should write down his story. Even just one sheet of paper. Apparently it's quite cathartic. But I'm not up to that yet.

The doc has prescribed me something to take for the next few weeks. I think it's helping a wee bit.......but I have run out of tissues... 



ABBY said...

I think just talking about Scooter is cathartic and helps ease some of the hurt. Maybe not much, not right now, but with the passage of some time keeping his name alive will feel good. I think you are doing beautifully even though I am just as sure that you don't feel like it. Talk of him often, rejoice in his life, share him over and over and just maybe when the time is right he will lead you to another sweet long tailed mancat who will help soothe the long sadness of Scooter's being at the Rainbow Bridge. He is waiting for you and he will watch over you and guide you. Trust him.

✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

Angel and Kirby said...

I agree that talking about him is going to help as will writing and sketching. But Time will help heal, too!

Di said...

Oh no, now I'm crying over your beautiful post and the so perfect comment left by Abby. Sure you've run out of tissues? I could do with some right now :(

Love and hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Dan here, the Lee County Clowder's Dad and Food Source.

When I lost Coco the only thing that really helped me was time. I did get a few sympathy cards from some friends, which helped. At the time, I didn't know about this community (if it even existed yet), so I mostly had to deal with things alone.

More recently, I have always had multiple cats, and the sheer effort and distraction of taking care of the others has kind of forced me out of mourning for at least part of the time.

MorningAJ said...

You are already writing Scooter's story here, so you are gathering chapters of memories.

When I had to say goodbye to my lovely Spud I planted a small shrub next to him. It's an evergreen and it has pretty flowers in Spring and it's now tall enough for me to see it from the kitchen window! I call it Spud's Tree and regularly bring in some foliage to put in a vase. It's wonderful to think of it as a gift from him. It really helped.

Found art blog said...

Another Cat List thing.

Buy More Tissues. (well not really a cat thing but Tesco's is a good shop for Tissues!!!)

Everycat said...

When you look into the eyes of one cat, you are looking into the eyes of all. My Dad came up with that one, when I was ten and we'd just rescued a little black kitten from a gin trap on a farm. His name was Binkie Tuksram, a panther with a long tail too.

Being able to talk or write about Scooter and having people listen and read of him is the most wonderful thing. Keep doing it for as long as you need. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I still sing silly little songs about all of the cats who have shared their lives with me.

The Ape xx