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Monday, 10 September 2012

Scooter the Wonder Cat

I filmed Scooter in the garden last Tuesday, and I hope you have a few minutes to watch.  You'll see how big he is, how glossy his coat is!!! 

You'll also see the swelling I've been talking about, around his eye and nose. 

The anti-biotic jab hasn't done as much for this as we'd hoped.
It IS definitely doing something- Scoob sneezes and snorts, a real manly yucky snort. Bleagh. Poor Scoob. I THINK what's happening is that the anti-B is breaking up and attacking the infection. I hope so.

Two other developments-

  1. I've started to put honey into his drinking water. I think it's helping because HE HASN'T HAD A SEIZURE FOR A WHOLE WEEK! This is the longest since July, I think. The honey water means that his blood sugar stays up just that little bit in between munchies. If it drops too low, he looses the impulse to eat. Then it's downhill all the way to a hypo, unless I force honey or something into him, which he hates me doing. But he does drink, even if he won't eat. So I suddenly thought, ok, put the honey in his water! I was suprised he drank it, to be honest. But he doesn't mind it at all. I told the vet and he said it was ok, as it isn't like we have to worry about any teeth! (He has a couple of fangs, though, I'm sure Scoot would like me to point out.)
  2. I discovered from the vet that what I had been told was the maximum dose for his painkiller isn't that at all- it's only half what he can have! It felt like a punch to my stomach, I was so shocked, as it means I could have given him more relief when his hip has given him trouble. AAARGHH. Never mind. The only good way to look at it is to say, well, we thought there was no more we could do, but now we know there is. We can up his painkiller. And as it's an anti-inflammatory, it should help that swelling round his eye, too.

So....... there have been tears this week, again, but also smiles as we have had more hot weather, and so we've been able to see Scooter enjoying sunbathing again, and snoozing on his cushions on or under his bench. The higher dose of painkiller is making a difference, I think.

Now to the video.......

THANK YOU all again for your loving comments and messages. I am very touched that you have taken Scooter to your hearts :)

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Love, tea & cake,  


Angel and Kirby said...

Scooter is beautiful! He does not look like a 19 year old kitty!

Di said...

Lovely video Helena - what a gorgeous chap Scooter is, and so placid too. Sending healing hugs, Di xxx

MorningAJ said...

He's so much like Barney. Love and hugs.

Everycat said...

What a handsome, glossy lad he is. Putting honey in his water was a stroke of genius! Don't know which anti-inflamatory Scooter is on, but thought I'd mention there's another one called "Onsior" which our vets said is a little less arduous on kidneys and liver than Metacam.

Sending love, rumbly purrs and chin scritches for Scooter

Oliver, Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

Found art blog said...

I love Scooby the Wonder Cat, too!! And quality gets my vote as well. Every time.

Helena said...


WOW I was really stunned to read that there was another, safer painkiller out there! But from what I've read, it can only be given once a day for 3 days. It's for post-op or after an accident. Least, that's what I read when I googled it. Strange my vet didn't mention it at all though.

I am not looking forward to not having a cat around, but I AM looking forward to not having to deal with vets! The last couple of years have really made me think that they don't deserve the money they make out of our sick friends. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but Scooter and Fluffy have been really let down!!!

A good vet must be like a good dentist- hard to find, and like gold, hold on to them if you find them!

ABBY said...

Oh Scooter is such a handsome little man. A lovely lovely video and I am glad that there are bright spots for you to hang onto. WE are purring for Scooter.

✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Scooter, kittie, we are still purrrrrrring and purrrraying for you. Enjoy your sunny days and your caring beans.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Scooter is such a handsome mancat.

Helena said...

Yeah, I keep telling him that he has furrends all over the world and that there are gorgeous girls out there who say he's a handsome mancat!!! It's hard to tell under his black fur, but I think he blushes.

Feronia said...

What a handsome cat! Lots of love to you both xx

Everycat said...

Helena! Yes Onsior exists and when Angel was in her final furlong, a vet we trusted suggested it as an alternative - it seems to be only marketed for dogs, that's the only poster we've seen for it at the vets. Onsior is a still an NSAID though, and it was suggested for Angel as Metacam upset her tum terribly. We didn't get a chance to try it though.

We could occupy your ears for one hundred years on the subject of good/bad vets. Somehow heartbreak is worse when you feel you have lost a loved one and believe that the vet sold you short on the trust you placed in them.

Sending love and large rumbles to you and Scooter

The Ape xx

Beedeebabee said...

Helena, he truly is a beautiful, sweet little guy. I loved the video. Give him a kiss for me. xoxo Paulette