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Monday, 22 September 2008

Back break!

The back pain that's been on and off for a few months now has really kicked in. -That's just how it feels! -Like someone has kicked me at the base of my spine. I've been on the look-out for elephants escaped from Colchester zoo, I'm so convinced it must have been one of them that did it.

Anyway, I saw a doc this evening who has prescribed me codeine and diazepam, in an attempt to relieve pain, I can only guess, by (1) strong painkiller and (2) knocking me out completely if all else fails.

The muscle spasms in my back have also caused stomach aches and necessitated sudden rushes to the loo- NOT easy when you can't stand upright! I hope the diazepam stops the spasms, and the sudden 'jarring' of the hip/spine area. Grrrrr. We have a couple of long metal poles for opening the roof windows in the conservatory. I've been using them as walking sticks.

I'm feeling pretty frustrated as I'm completely useless at the moment! I can't clear up or go for a walk or do the garden- and these few nice sunny days aren't here for much longer, I suspect. Grrr... I want to walk into town and feed the squirrels! I want to sprawl across the floor and do some pictures! I want to do the laundry... ok that one isn't so exciting.

I've just taken my first dose and the zombie-fying affects are just starting to creep up my spine and over my skull and...yep, there it is- sleepy eyeball syndrome already. Ahhh....

All this waffle is just an eleborate apology for absence, as blogging is going to be difficult, as is crafting. So, I might not be around for a wee bit now.....

The Secret Santa is still going ahead! On Thursday night I'll check the list of people who want to join in. I'll check the comments sections on my last few posts + my email. I hope I son't miss anybody. Then I'll do the draw and email you all to let you know who you're making something for. Exciting, sin't it? Hehehe!

Meanwhile, one thing I have been doing is looking into Etsy and Folksy (the UK equivalent) websites, with a view to setting up a shop front for my cards and pictures.

I'm not wanting to make a big profit or anything, just to have an outlet that pays for my hobby, really. And perhaps now and then I will be able to say, "this month all money goes to the cat home up the road" or something like that. I have 40+ cards now so that is a good start, I just need to be able to photograph them better. Dang back!! Even this is beyond my capability at the moment.

I've also acquired a couple of books from Amazon secondhand, on making books, albums, and needle-felted decorations and animals. It's so frustrating not to be able to launch into all this stuff!!! I hope, when I'm better, I'll not take being able to move without pain for granted!

Long-term, I may have spondylolisthesis, something my mother has in her lower spine. We've been comparing symptoms. Doc has sent off a form for an Xray request today. Gone are the days when she could have given me the form and told me to report to the Outpatients Dept at the hospital a.s.a.p. to get it done. Now she has to fill in a form and send it off. Eventually, someone behind a desk will review the form and decide whether I really do need an xray. If so, I'll be sent a letter with an appointment date. I hope it comes before my back has righted itself, otherwise it might not pick up what the problem was. Then if it happens again (and if it's what mum's got, it will) I'll have to start the whole paperwork process again.

Grrr.... some progress in other areas- my blood test results came back at last, and I have slightly low iron and thyroid. This might explain the sleep olympics I do from time to time, and also some of the low mood periods. Once I'm able, I'll wander into town and pick up some sea kelp supplement and see if that helps this.

OoooOOoooooOooooOOoooOOoooOooooo getting into the "feels-like-I've-had-a-large-brandy" stage now. Time to log off and go and help Bob T Bear (esq) with his blog while I can.

See you around, peeps! And please, sit up straight, don't slouch, and don't carry the toddler/shopping/ironing board/lawn mower on one hip. Believe me. It isn't worth it.


Dragonstar said...

You poor girl! I do hope the medication works well, and your X-ray appointment comes through quickly. You need this sorted as soon as can be managed.

Stardust said...

Hurts to hear you're in pain. =(

I hope that the medication works quick and effectively! Please get well and hop around soon... Will heed your advice, trying hard to maintain a straight posture.

AS for the sales, isn't it a fantastic idea?? =D May your earnest dream come true!

Amy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and that you get to have that x-ray soon. Knowing the problem makes it much easier to treat! I have terrible posture and my back aches a lot. I'll try harder to sit up straight.
Your cards are beautiful, selling them is a great idea. No harm in making a little profit at a hobby you are so gifted in!
Take care (and lean on Bob)!

mrsnesbitt said...

Ouch! ((((((BIG HUGS)))))