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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Secret Santa???

I'm wondering if to have a go at organising a Christmas Papercraft Swap.
It would be a way of getting bloggers from different places to exchange a card or ATC for Christmas. I haven't thought it through completely but what about this-

  1. People leave a message to say they're "in" (I'd need a cut-off date, or a quantity date!) and privately email me their address.
  2. I put all the names in a hat and then do a "Secret Santa".
  3. I tell each person who they're crafting for but not who is crafting for them (that's a surprise for them, when they get theirs). They should then have a look through that person's blog to see what their taste is e.g., so you don't send a cat card to someone who loathes cats! (Oh! Who could loathe cats?).
  4. Everyone sends their card to me by 30th November.
  5. I take a photo of them all in a big group photo to post on my blog in Christmas week.
  6. I send out all the cards.
  7. Everyone gets a nice, handmade card, perhaps from a blogger in another country!
What do you think???


mrsnesbitt said...

Sounds good to me honeybunch!
I'm in!

Anonymous said...

I've never made a card in my life, but I'll give it a go. I've got some papers and bits and pieces that I've bought for photo props, so I'm sure I can put something together!

Shrinky said...

Um, er, gee you've got me going.. 'cept I do embroidered cards and my embroidery machine is so obsolete it only takes floppy discs which my computer doesn't produce anymore (can you hear the excuses flowing..?).

I think it's a fabulous idea Helena, let me think about it! Grin.

Amy said...

I'm definitely in! I'm not a card maker, but I'll go for it. It will be fun! Besides, there is plenty of time to practice :) Great idea!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I paint Art Cards. Include me.

sally in norfolk said...

sounds like great fun... I used to make a lot of cards but not had time for a while to do any... this could be a good excuse to do one so count me in... :-)

Stardust said...

This is so exciting!!! Can I join? =DDD

I can't wait to put my special card up for Christmas!! WEEEEE!!!

Lorianna said...

This sounds fun Helena. It would be good for me to play around with my stamps and papers and I need to push myself to interact more with people.
:) That's one of the reasons why I blog; to overcome my nervousness with meeting people. (it's easier too)
I bet Miss Peach's Mommy Karla would like to do it too. I would definitely want to send you a card! :)
I hope you and your cats are feeling well. If you have a moment, I have two awards to pass on to you at my blog. You may then pass them on to someone else if you would like.

Ms. Creek said...

well, that sounds like a lovely idea, but some of us aren't very crafty!!!

Blue said...

Hi Helena!

First of all, was sorry to read about Fluffy ills - how is she doing?

The card idea is great but not sure if my now long dormant arty skills are up to it but will give it a go.

Oh, yes, I'm back blogging, lifes to short to cut one's self off.

Take care

Debbie's Blog of Life said...

I'd love to get in on it! I love making cards and ATCs! ^_^

freebird said...

This sounds like one I can handle. Christmas is really sneaking up on us isn't it.

Helena said...

Cool! I'll draw up a list....

i beati said...

love it I'm in email address sandyakessler@gmail.com home address 6101 edgewater terrace Sebring , fl 33876-6455. It will be a novice but guess that's ok. sk

Debbie said...

Brilliant idea Helena! I would love to join in. Debbie x

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hello Helena! I am thinking about you and Fluffy and holding you close in my heart.
Lorianna told me about your swap and I would like very much to be part of it.
We were going to do a Autumn card swap too remember. Lets still do it if you'd like:) You can email me your addy to kjacks2 AT charter DOT net and I will then send you mine.
This will be great fun and give us all something to distract us from the daily grind. Oh and you WILL be getting and 'inchy' because you started it! LOL and soft hugs to you, Karla & Miss Peach

freebird said...

Could you send me your address. I've got my card done and ready to send. Also, should we be sending an envelope for the card we get in return?