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Friday, 26 September 2008

Secret Santa Update

OK here we go!
I'm a little behind because my back is slowing me right down. Still hobbling about and making sudden "Aaaarrreeeeeehhhhhhhh" noises as it all jars. But getting a bit more mobile.

Might even attack the laundry today- hurray, hey wow and cockadoodle-doo! (Can you detect a wee bit of sarcasm there?)

But I'll start a wee notebook today, of peeps taking part in the card swap, their emails and snail-mail addresses, then do the lucky dip and get to letting you all know who you're making for.


In my unable-to-sleep much, not-able-to-be-doing-much state, I went cyber shopping.... Oh Lor! And I have ordered a new Xmas stamp (very cute) from Little Claire Designs:
Ahhh! Couldn't resist, as, unlike a lot of the Xmas stamps I've seen, this one didn't cost the earth. I also ordered some bargain new papers and glittery stuff, bits and pieces, and some more crochet flowers.

Now look, my mum said she was interested in taking up crochet again (after many decades) and so I bought her a book on it and needles and wool and stuff..... but still no crochet flower factory on tap. What's going on here? LOL!


Lorianna said...

I like your new stamp Helena. So cute! I'm sorry your back is still hurting. :( I'm back on the Prednisone as my joint pain is making me crawl back to bed and I just can't have that!
Your Mum likes needlework? I am too clumsy for it, but I always admire people that can make pretty mufflers and crazy hats with cute little fringe and such.
Miss Peach's Mommy Karla wants to join the card exchange too. She is on an Alaskan cruise while Peach stays at a kitty hotel. They should be back Monday.
I will try to remember to e-mail you my home address soon.
I hope you start to feel better. Have a lovely weekend.
Gentle Hugs,

Kristin Bueter said...

Such a cute stamp! Like you, I LOVE a bargain :O) Sorry to hear you are still in pain. I really hope you can resolve the issue soon! I can't even imagine how excruciating it must be.

By the way, I tagged you on my blog! If you feel up to it and are interested in playing, please make a quick visit to my site and copy the rules :O)

Hope the remainder of your weekend is pain-FREE!

freebird said...

That is a cute stamp. I have seen many Christmas ones I didn't buy because I could buy deluxe sets of cards for the price of the stamp!

Hope your back really is feeling better and quickly. Years ago I hurt mine and couldn't even lift a glass out of the dishwasher so I can imagine the pain you are in. Good luck with getting xrays.