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Monday, 13 October 2008

"Blog Candy"

Ever heard of Blog Candy? Before I got into the Crafty side of blogging, and the Crafters' community in Blogger, I hadn't heard of this! Maybe they are all just a really generous bunch!

Anyway, it simply means that someone is putting up a load of stuff -blog candy- FREE to one of his/her readers.

Bunny-Zoe is generously giving away these two Dragon Stamps in celebration of her birthday. To be in with a chance of winning, please visit her blog and, after you've enjoyed your browse around at all her clever crafty stuff, leave a comment on the Blog Candy post there, then put a post about it on your own blog.

The names of everyone who leaves a comment will be put into a hat and one name will be drawn at random 6pm today (GMT). She will post worldwide- so go for it!

This is the first blog candy draw I have taken part in- Dilly told me that if I didn't at least join in she would get me with her pointy stick!!!!

It's my birthday 8th November- maybe I should look around and see what I can put together for some Blog Candy of my own to give away :)


cpullum said...

Wow nice Blog Candy! Have a great week!


Dragonstar said...

Those dragon stamps are sweet. Good luck with them.

Jilli said...

PMSL! Helena thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Still trying to work out why fae doesn't take Rylee to work with her and trying to remember when I actually offered to have him!!! Loving the idea of the tea and cake stamping session...I'll come but can you make it weight watchers carrot cake please?! Email me your addy and I'll send you some stamped images. Jillix

Helena said...

WOW Jilli, that is really generous of you! I'll email you right away! Thank you!

Helena said...


Are you slightly biased? LOL!!! I think if I don't win I might have to try to draw these!


Helena said...


Thanks! You too!

(Is that a giraffe behind you?)