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Friday, 3 October 2008

Pootling about... well, as much as I can!

Taken in May, in Beaulieu, New Forest.

I've had a weird shift in my existence lately.
Normally I'd be OK physically and my only real pains would be of the mental variety. But for the last few weeks this has been the other way round :)

My back is still giving me bad pain (Xray appointment not for another 3 weeks!), my complexion, since I'm unable to get out much, has put me into Spotty Muldoon territory, and the copious codeine has left me as bloated as a barrage balloon. But inside my head it's Springtime and daisies. Even in between codeine doses :)

I think I would actually prefer it this way round, if it were not for the frustration- wanting to do things and being unable. Even washing my hair is a big event to be planned, it is so painful to stretch or bend. SO going for walks to the park to feed the squirrels, or walking to the shops even for the most basic of grocery trips, all these are ruled out completely.

I've had to watch, from the window, the weeds spread in the garden and mildew-type mould swallow up the mahonia. I can just about refill the bird feeders in the morning, though I've had to move one of them.

I have renewed respect for two of my friends in particular: Jacky, in Canterbury, who has ME, and is in a wheelchair and exhausted for much of the time; and Donna, in Missouri, who has MS.

It would be wonderful to have neither mental ill health nor physical pain, and I urge you, if this is the case with you, please appreciate it!!! -Just focus on it for a minute or two, so that you are aware of it and therefore not taking it for granted. Then perhaps look around and see if there is a friend who could use your help with something, or a phone call just to see how they are.


Dragonstar said...

Another THREE WEEKS until the x-ray? Ow!!

Don't let the weeds get to you - you'll be able to sort it all out when you're OK again.

I so agree with you about being aware of being well, and being thankful. It tends to be something we don't think about until we don't have it.

I'm feeling thankful right now.

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks so much for the words you left on my blog, they really helped me this morning!

Yes, I too am grateful and appreciative of my well-being, hubby has the flu so I am showing lots of love and care. I even cut his toast into soldiers for him.


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Sorry to hear about your back, Helena. I hope the pain eases up soon. Try and stay positive, and keep warm. Big hugs, Lynda

BumbleVee said...

Nobody who hasn't experienced it can even begin to fathom how a bad back affects every move a person tries to make.

I send a hug and wish you luck with getting it sorted and finding out the actual problem ...so you can figure out the correct treatment course.

I would be phoning the x-ray people every morning to see if there are cancellations for the day... have you tried just Ibuprofen instead of the codeine stuff? ... IB to help with inflammation in the area as it is often the swelling that is causing the pain..(I'm talking even the swelling at a cellular level) ...ice packs at the beginning and even intermittent ice and hot packs this late after the onset of the problem can be a big help.

hope you are getting around better very soon...

CherryPie said...

I hope the pain goes away soon, it sounds awful!

Sending you some *hugs*

freebird said...

You are so right. Got to appreciate what we've got. I hope your back starts to feel better soon but then the xray won't help.