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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Ohhh heck! I've done it now!

Okidokee, well, I've done it now!
I put some cards in a box, with my contact details, took them to the art cafe and handed them in. I only did a scribbled note, maybe I should have typed something up, a bit more professional. But if I had waited to do that I'd have talked myself out of it.... I had to write it quickly, shove the cards in a box and get out of here :)

Anyway, she said that it's a group decision and that she'd let me know. I left them with her. These are the ones I handed in................

Click on any to see bigger.....

I think these are the best ones, but as you see, I erm, didn't quite get it down to six :)

I was so nervous, after I'd handed them in, I rushed out and straight to the public Ladies' toilets, where I promptly threw up. Good job Boots is right next door. Ha!


Thread-bare said...

Good for you, can't wait to hear what they think about them xx

Dragonstar said...

That's great!!! They should love those cards. How soon should you know? I'm all excited now!

Blue said...

They look terrific, but no Christmas bears!!!
Can't imagine what Bob had to say...

Have a lovely sunny w/e!


tiggertastic said...

wow all these cards are excellent, i just love the first 2

Sarah x

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Yeah- yu notisst too, did yu?


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hooray! I'd buy them ALL and keep them for myself! - they are super, really special!
Hope the back isn't giving you jip.
Hugs, Lynda :o)

Helena said...


Half of me can't wait, the other half is dreading it- I forgot to say in the post that after I had handed them in, I rushed straight to the Ladies' and threw up!!!!!! I was sooo nervous!



I don't know! Aagh! I gave her my phone number and email. They have two galleries- one here in Colchester and one in Mersea Island, a few miles along... She said a panel decides, but she arranges it all. So I guess that might mean she has the final say. Not sure. She was too busy when I dropped them in and didn't open the box. I got out quick!!! LOL!



Ah, I thought he would be upset if I parted with them??? (Will that do, do you think?)



I like those ones too! I like that cat!!



Oh dear. Sorry Bob, I thought you'd like to keep the Bear ones a bit longer. Ok????



LOL! I think this is why I made a card for my sister in law the other day, rather than use one form the box!!! I'm too attached!
My back is definitely oodles better than it was a couple of weeks ago, but still twinging, e.g., it's a lovely day here, blue sky and sun, but I daren't walk into town. I might take a bus later, and feed nuts to the squirrels- no hang on, that means bending dowo- oh rats! Poo! Poo with flies on it, as Bob would say!


BumbleVee said...

There are several I'd like.... especially the little guy on the twig with his stocking...and the happy little let it snow mouse... and the... hahhaha...well, u get it.....

if they don't want them just offer them on your blog.. several of us would take a few you know....

Stardust said...

I love ALL of them, especially the mouse with long list and the round robin placed last. =) Good picks!

Ok, I'm all excited now, I really hope that your works are appreciated!! =D

On the other hand, isn't it a little hard to part with them, I suppose that they're precious...

Kristin Bueter said...


I found the site! http://www.shophandmade.com/home

Not sure if they are exclusive to certain regions or not, but it's worth a look :O) The cards you handed in are amazing! I love how you packaged them so professionally with the clear card protectors. They look like they belong on a store shelf just waiting to be scooped up by a lucky buyer :O)

carolann said...

They should be in awe hun brilliant cards xxxxxx

freebird said...

Hope you hear back soon. I would think they'd love to have these.

Helena said...

Still no news. Grrr..... I hope she didn't lose them!!!! OH NO!!!

Emailed her yesterday... no reply yet... getting a wee bit annoyed/worried now!!!