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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Bookfair- bargains and a surprise!

The book fair was great fun. We got there at the opening, 9.30am., and joined an already quite long queue! I think we stayed about 2 hours.

We were restrained this year. In previous years we have had to go out and buy new shelves to put the books on, sort of negating the bargain effect :) Ha! This year we had 4 carrier bags' full, which I sorted into one box when we got home.

My Luvbug is away for a few days, and I've set myself the challenge of finding a new place for this lot by the time he gets back. I need to be able to see them in order to remember them and actually read them. On the other hand, I want them tidied away. Hmmm. Not. That. Easy.

If you're interested, click on the photo and you might be able to see some titles...., I think a few are missing... I have a couple next to my bed already.... anyway, I fess up to the history and art books. Luvbug chose the accounting and puzzles. We both wanted the language books and erm, guess who wanted the cat book? :)HA! Look at all the pencil sharpenings on this carpet! I promise I will vacuum, ok? I promise. Soon. Hahaha.

OK. We went through to a smaller hall to pay, and had to pass through the children's section on the way. Look what I spotted on the games table....

"Anita's Art Stamps: Rubber Stamping Starter Kit"

The box is in a bit of a state, yes? Looks ancient. So, I wasn't expecting too much on the inside. In fact, if a crowd of people coming through hadn't blocked my path I might not have stopped to investigate further.... glad I did! Look....Everything on the inside is in pristine condition! 3 unused stamps (including a cat! Hurray!), an unused stamp pad (on its own this would have cost more than the kit), stickers, pencils, cards and envelopes. All for £3. Oh! And that booklet is really good, too.

*** *** ***

I haven't heard back from the second card shop yet re the ones I handed in on Friday:

Cards batched up with some all new, singing, dancing, letter-headed paper and business card, all thanks to a free Print Shop cover CD, and a patient partner who lost me to playing on it for hours.

BUT! I have acquired a spot in a new indoor craft market in town. They have only a short lease. They will be there till Christmas, definitely, and possibly Easter.

Anyway, I've paid £10 for my spot- that's a one-off payment- and after that they take 20% of what I make.

Now I have to supply a small table, take it in there and set it all up.
It has to be only about 2ft x 2ft. Is that 2ft square or 2 square foot? I can never remember. Me and Luvbug had this conversation a few weeks ago and both confused each other. And he has A level Maths, but still couldn't remember. This is what talking to me about anything mathematical does to your brain. And I used to work in stockbroking. Aren't you glad I got out before the current problems? You think it's bad now, but you have no idea what the world escaped from at my last redundancy...

There are already quite a few cards there, but I shall put some of mine on the stall. I am also doing notecard sets and needle-felting.

I want to try out those new stamps, too, and get into the book on colour-pencil drawings. Oh! And my two weekly challenges.... and I have two appointments in town this week... and the washing is building up.... oh yes. And vacuuming. LOL!

Whilst my other half is away (till Wednesday night) I'm going to be busy busy!!!

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CherryPie said...

Looks like great creative fun to me :-)

Helena said...

Yep yep yep!!!

Bear Naked said...

You'll have to tell me what is in "1,000 Senior moments."
Bet I've done at least half. LOL

Bear((( )))

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oooh! The Tao of Pooh! and a Bill Bryson I haven't read. I love books too!
You sound to have had a day for the bargains - great!
Good to hear about the craft fair.
You'll soon fill a 2ft x 2ft table!

Dragonstar said...

I've always wanted to read "Eats shoots and leaves", and that stamp kit was a real bargain!
Good luck with your new venture!

Dragonstar said...

PS, that's two foot square. Whee! I remembered!

Roz said...

Wow, you did well!!

"Luvbug", how cute is that!! I'm stealing it too! LOL!

Love Roz x

this is my patch said...

Hi Helena, thanks for visiting my garden blog. I often buy books from the charity shops, they are often as good as new. I am convinced many of them haven't ever been opened. My best find so far has been Monty Don's The Complete Gardener, a sort of garden bible to me! x

Anonymous said...

The Craft Fair is happy news to hear from you Helena.

2ft x 2ft is a square table, each of the four sides measuring 2 feet. Not very big. I'm sure you'll have enough to fill and refill a table that size.

Sandy Kessler said...

I like stackable see thru containers with a graphic on the outside to show contents. Just need to do it !!!