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Monday, 13 October 2008

Creative "cheating"

I saw this little stamp online ( at Charmed Cards & Crafts) and thought, well, maybe I could draw that....
If you click on the photo, it should come up larger.
The circles are hand drawn so a wee bit wobbly. That almost-oval was done by drawing round my computer mouse!!!! I coloured them in with my trusty old watercolour pencils and water-brush. The waterfast black pen was one for writing onto DVDs and CDs :)

OK on to my second "creative cheat"....

Look at this amazing card!!! It was made by Kristin.She achieved the brilliant sky by using a brayer, which is a special little roller that you can ink up from your inkpads or refill bottles.

I loved this image but don't have a brayer. I did experiment with a few substitutes but in the end went back to the watercolour pencils :)

Here are my results. Nothing like as great as Kristin's, and I think a brayer will remain on my wishlist. But I did really enjoy doing them. They took about 10 minutes each. The trees are drawn with that DVD pen again!I put these here because I wanted to say that if you see something you like, have a go at something similar- even if you don't have the tools.

I've discovered these last few months that building up a supply of craft tools is potentially very expensive- so you have to look for sales in the online stores and hunt for bargains on Ebay. The search is part of the fun. And finding other ways to do things is, too.

Thanks for the inspiration, Kristin!


Kristin Bueter said...

OMG...I'm so humbled that you posted my card and spoke so highly of it :O) I have a lump in my throat...ha ha

I LOVE the pictures you came up with using your own AWESOME talent and some watercolor pencils! Makes me want to get the ole sketch tablet out again...maybe I will. I'm in dire need of some unique stamps :) Oh, and the replicas you created of the candle stamp are amazing! I hope you make a card or two out of your hand drawn images! Thank you for sharing your designs!!! I love them!

Dragonstar said...

You are so right! Thank you for reminding me that I used to draw my cards.
I rather like the wobbly circles you made for your candles, they are all individual and pleasant.

carolann said...

Well done hun you are so creative (claps )xxxxx

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Wow, you are so talented and your drawings are fabulous, Hugs, Nikki x

Amy said...

You've been really busy crafting away! Great work :)

Thanks for visiting my blog :D and wishing me congratulations on becoming an Aunt! Check out my blog for some pictures!

San said...

Helena, I love your wispy/wistful trees. Like poetry.

Helena said...

Kristin, Your card is beautiful! I would be so proud of making one like that!



I quite like the wobblyness of them too :) it's all part of the design, of course, done on purpose, not a wobbly hand...hahahaha who am I kidding!



Thanks for the applause! I always enjoy my trips over to your place btw :)



Ooo I've gone all pink. Eeek. Thanks :))



HAHA! Look! That little fella has found his way into your photo already! How's that for fast work! LOL!



Welcome back! Thank you for the poetry comment. I wish I could do my trees less stiff. I remember watching my mum doodle stick trees when I was little. She had the patience to put in every twig.


BumbleVee said...

draw around the top of a glass, cup cookie cutter or egg cup to get nice circles...

and... poof...who needs a brayer. Use a sponge. some cheap or even kiddies water colours or acrylics from any hobbyist. Or... even use the watercolour pencils...water down a fine sponge and wipe the pencil over it many times... you will have plenty of colour. You can freehand some strokes on for skies...or just backgrounds.

If you want better delineation in sort of rainbow colours... hold a piece of paper..either torn or straight edge.. on the rest of the card..do a stroke across and then just move the paper down the distance you like...do another stroke of another colour etc...voila....

great job on the stained glass look alikes....

Shirley said...

Don't be discouraged. Your creations would look different because of the medium you used. They are just as lovely, but in a different way. You have such a gift.