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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Anniversary Wols and pets galore....

Oonagh and Bill are Luvbug's parents, and it's their wedding anniversary today (52 years, I think.) Luvbug is over in Ireland visiting them at the moment, and he took this card with him to give to them. I'm not sure how he felt about seeing his mum and dad represented in "wol" form though :)The stamp came free with "Craft Stamper" magazine. I love bird stamps.
I stamped the letters of "anniversary" onto patterned paper, then punched out each letter with a flower punch, finishing by outlining each flower with a Sakura Soufle white pen and going over the letters with a clear Sakura glitter pen.

-2 wols inside. This time without the 3D eyes or the glossy glaze. Note that the girl wol has a red beak, as she has lipstick on (obviously haha).

Hey ho! So what do I do when Luvbug is out of town? Um, well there's this lot, to start....

OK, this isn't my usual style, never done this kind of decoupage before, but a pack of 4 sheets, mostly cats??? Couldn't resist. Besides, I like a change. It was relaxing, and fun!

Lorianna, the one on the left is on its way to you. The purple one is going to my mum....

(Why do dog pictures look so sad???)

The black lab is why I bought them, really. My friend Donna, in Missouri, has a black lab called Boston who hasn't been well lately. So this one is off to them!

Is it me, or is that kitten's head way too big???

I love this gold ribbon. Wish I could remember where I got it from. Ms Peach, the one on the right is coming your way :)

I keep hearing/reading that the fashion is moving towards really big cards, but I'm moving in the opposite direction! I like little cards. I think it's because they are easily held. I also love the way these cats sit up above the height of the card.

I like this one. I like the way the blue card picks up the blue of the cat's eyes.

OK now this one's just silly. Why would anyone have a dog the size of a cat when they could just have a cat???

Ah well, they were fun to do as I could sit and do them on a lap-tray- I haven't been feeling too well this week. With stamping I need to be at a table and press down on a hard surface. This is far more sitting-in-front-of-the-telly friendly.


Angel and Kirby said...

THose are pretty. We really like the cat cards

Denise said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed my visit here. Beautiful cards and photos. Your second comment made me laugh, I haven't heard 'bogoff' in a VERY long time. I'm surprised it came up. Hopefully you will visit again and I will give my word box a good talking to so that it will be polite next time ;)

Denise said...

Also wanted to say I hope you feel better by now.

Sandy Michelle said...

Awwww love the animal cards!!Hope you are feeling better!! P.S Glad you like my freckles cause I certainly don't..LOL!

Sandy xox

Shirley said...

Wow! Have you been busy. Beautiful cards for animal lovers for sure. I have to tell you your medallion cards sent me on a search. There are none here in the USA and so I sent to one of your stores for 2 packets of all of them. Huh!!!!

JB's Big World said...

So pretty all these things! Mom wishes she had time to do something other than work. It is hard to get her to help me visit friends.
You are so talented!

Feronia said...

Beautiful, beautiful cards, Helena! They make me want to get a cat even more! Hope you are feeling much better soon - I just suggested to Bob that you try peppermint tea if you haven't already :)

Helena said...

Angel and Kirby,

Hullo! Yes, but there should have been more black and black and white cats, shouldn't there?!

Helena said...


LOL the word veri things sometimes can be very rude. And I'm sure they are set to swear at you if you type it in wrong first time, because the second choice of letters is usually the rude one!

Helena said...


Yeah I think freckles are nice. I had them when I was little but they are mostly gone now. I get them on my nose in the summer :)

Helena said...


Really? That's weird that they don't have them over there. I did find the name of one manufacturer - Le Suh, they are in Holland. www.lesuh.com
Have at look at their website in case the USD to Euro rate is better than the USD to sterling. You never know!

Helena said...


I have the opposite problem here in that I wish I could find a good job that I could do without it bringing the worst of the illness back. I am just about at the stage where I think I could stick my toe back out there, but there are no vacancies! Typical! So I go back to entertaining the idea of doing an art course and making some kind of living from arty stuff. Hmm.... then I get my stuff out and play and nothing gets done about it. What am I like?

Helena said...


Yes yes yes! Get a cat! LOL! I read that there is a law there that cats can't be out after a certain time- is that true? A good side of it would be that you don't get people kicking them out at night in the winter, like some people do here. There seems to be a belief that you throw a cat out at night. I don't know why because they like to be snug and warm and tucked up indoors, even more then dogs, I think.

Julie said...

You've done a lovely job with all of these cards Helena. I hope you feel better soon. Tell Dilly to give you a special hug.

Feronia said...

Yes, I believe in some parts around here it is illegal for cats to be out in case they kill native birds and other little native beings. Also, they can go into the bush and 'go feral' which is a problem. If I had a cat, he or she would be inside on the couch with me anyway!

Lorianna said...

Hi Sweet Helena! Oh I just adore the cards! How lovely and Wonderful of You! Thank You so much. I do not feel so lonely thinking of friends like you.
I hope your tummy is better. Mine acts up at the worst times too. Do you think nerves and stress can cause it? When I get panic attacks my tummy cramps up.
I think Luvbug's parents will love their card. I like Sakura Markers too. I wish so badly that I could improve my artistic abilities. I try, but never seem to have things come out the way I pictured it. I would blame my hands, but yours are wonky too and you create masterpieces! :)
I hope you are feeling better this week. Is it raining there right now? At least it's not too cold yet. I bet you will be working on cards with Dilly and Bob. :)
Have a really wonderful week!
Hugs from me and Headbutts and Purrs from my kitties.
Hugs to your kitties too!

Sir Woodstock said...

Hallo 'Aunt' Helena!

Mother and I adore your cards especially the pussycat ones.
Do hope you are feeling a little better now.
And to cheer you up I have great pleasure in passing on a rather special award to you - please do accept it with love.


Pinkllilac said...

Such a beautiful cards Helena, and in such fab colours!love the gorgeous designs of cats and detail!
Hope your feeling better.

Hugs Linda