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Saturday, 29 August 2009

An award... just at the right time!

I've crash-landed again these last few days.
I've just been out cycling to try to clear my head, blow the cobwebs away. Although the cobwebs feel like they're made of lead scaffolding at the moment. Since getting back indoors, I got some crackers and cheese, and emptied out the bottle of Baileys into a glass- topping up the pathetic quantity with milk and ice cubes. I've been sipping it away here, and now my head is soothed. Not a method I would like to become reliant on, but it has helped for now. Welcome relief.

On checking hereabouts I discovered I'd been awarded this:This award comes from Sir Woodstock:
Sir Woodstock is a gorgeous Bear, as you can see. Best not tell Bob I said that though.

Thanks, Sir Woodstock.
Just what I need at times like this.

The translation of the award is 'Your Blog is Like a Pearl - Rare, delicate and charming!'

Now I'm meant to pick 6 others to give it to, but I'm afraid I can't, not honestly, as some of the blogs that deserve it have a 'no tag & no award zone' rule. Never mind. If you're here, take this award with my best wishes and pass it on as best you can....


Julie said...

Looks like a lovely award Helena. Sorry you're struggling at the minute. Is himself back yet? I can't remember. I'm glad a bike ride and Baileys helped. Take care. xx

Sandy Kessler said...

Sir woodstock looks extrememly intlligent - no onder he picked you ..sandy

Angel and Kirby said...

That is a great award. Congratulations!

Sir Woodstock said...

Good morning Aunt Helena!
I am blushing her - gorgeous bear hey!

I am truly glad my award helped brighten your day.
Mother & I do worry about you and feel very sad you are struggling @ the moment.

Love and hugs

Helena said...

Don't worry about me, peeps, I've been down here before and I'll be up again some time... off to my mum's for a couple of days, then a few days back here, then off to the New Forest for a long weekend with the bikes :)

Julie, ah yes, himself is back! :)

Feronia said...

A very well deserved award, Helena. Take care and big hugs to you :)

Lorianna said...

Oh a lovely award for a very lovely lady! I'm sorry you've had some down days Helena. I know what that's like. Having some myself. Hopefully some sunshine will raise your Seratonin levels a bit? Is it sunny there right now? I am absolutely dreading winter...
I am trying to get creative again. Have you ever made paper dolls? I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate them into cards. There are free doll part templates online. I'd like to try using my rubber stamps along with them. I made a couple all ready. Maybe I'll post the pictures. I'm not very confidant of my skills though.
I hope you begin to feel better. I think of you so often and worry about you. Everyone who comes to visit you just adores you so! Myself included! Take care of yourself and hug Dilly and Bob. Toeshee sends purrs and headbutts and even more soft rumbly purrs. :) I will have to put up a new picture of him and you can print it out. He would love that as he is a very vain and handsome mancat.
Love and hugs from me,

Sandy Michelle said...

Hi Helena! I hope your days will get brighter!!!

(How sad for a blog to have a no tag/award rule)


freebird said...

Well you certainly deserve the award. You keep your blog up and going plus interesting and friendly and real. Hope you feel more up soon.