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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

We have lift off (well, FALL off...)

Last Thursday, Luvbug and I bought bikes. No, not the broom broom eeeeeeee kind, the come-with-a-chain and a daft looking hat kind. We had decided that our encroaching middle-age spreads needed dealing with. And as he had been glued to the Tour De France for 3 weeks, bikes were the natural answer.

Now, I hadn't been on a bike for 25 years(!) so, before buying, I suggested we go somewhere and HIRE bikes for a day, to check I could still make one go. We did this the other week- Alton Water, a reservoir in Suffolk, hires out bikes for the 8 mile trip around it. Guess who fell off? I am still nursing a scabby knee (which is surprisingly itchy, something I'd forgotten about grazed knees.)

But, not put off, now we have our own! We've been out and about in the evening, totting up a few miles each day. And I still keep falling off.

It must look hilarious- I have all the gear; the special cycling gloves (their padding helps my sore hands), the special cycling helmet that makes me look related to Star Trek NG's Mr Worf, the posh LED lights... and there I am, falling off and lying in a heap laughing.

BUT! All is not lost. I have, as of last night's Tour De Colchester, realised what I am doing wrong: I'm not steering. Apparently there is a quite normal consequence of this;
(1)don't steer;
(2)hit something;
(3) fall off.
AHA! By Jove, I think she's got it!

LAST night I was desperately trying to get the bike to turn, but not actually steering very much, apparently, then at the last minute changed strategy and tried to stop instead. Luckily a helpful hedge was there to assist in this- and as I crashed into it, a cat came tearing out of it, did one and a half laps of his garden and then shot up onto a garage roof. Now, you KNOW I love felines, but I'm afraid it was his antics that made me fall off this time, in hysterics :)

Today, Luvbug is off for a long ride solo. My only trip today will be back to Halfords, where I'm sure I'll be causing much amusement by bringing in a bike for repair less than a week after buying it, -as it now bears a startling resemblance to its owner, with a bulge that shouldn't be there, in its front tyre.

Hey ho!


Angel and Kirby said...

I got mine out and wanted to start riding in the mornings or evenings. We had them checked out ans they are still sitting in he garage. I, too, wanted some one arond when I got on it the first time. his has a warped front wheel, so there they set waiting for repair. Good luck! They always say you don't forget how to ride.

Helena said...

Yes that's what I seem to have- a wibbly wobbly bit in the front tyre/wheel. Not sure what it even means, hence I need to take it back!!!

Sandi McBride said...

Poor baby...the cat I mean, lol...but you'll get the hang of it again, they don't say like falling off a bike for nothing!!!
Had my laugh at another's expense, off to clear up the kitchen now!

Julie said...

I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it! At least you're laughing! BTW I was in Halfords today and forgot to check out the cycling gloves. Rats!

Feronia said...

Good on you for giving it a go, Helena, and good on you for having a laugh about it! My bike has been languishing in the garage for years...you've inspired me to dust it off and take it for a spin...

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I just think yu shud hav got wun wiv wun ov thoze littol barskets on it, for Bears.

Lorianna said...

Yes, a little basket for bears and even dragons would be lovely! :)
Good for you Helena! I haven't been on a bike for ages and ages! I'm wondering if my joints would behave?
I'm happy that you are having fun and I hope you get your balance soon. I hope the kitty you frightened forgives you. "Oh no, here comes that Helena with her bike again!" ;)
A helmet that makes you resemble a Klingon? My husband would like that! For himself of course.
I love your cards from Saturday's post. The kitty in the moon especially. I can't find the stickers you used for your toppers yet. I have a couple more stores to check, so I haven't given up. I did find an adorable dragon stamp though. She reminds me of Dilly, but she's older. (wings) :)
Have fun riding your bike and I hope your bumps and scrapes heal. And, I hope your weather is absolutely lovely for you to enjoy it too!
Lots of Hugs,

Pinkllilac said...

Love toure de France but your antics had be falling over laughing sorry to make fun but you are so funny when you tell about your antics. Can't wait for next installment but hopefull this time you will be able to stay on.
Big hugs Linda

Lynda (Granny K) said...

As a person who can only turn left when riding a bike and therefore can only ever go round the block, may I pat you on the back for being so courageous as to 'have a go'. I'm sure you'll master it! :o)

Helena said...


Thanks, everyone!

I am steering a BIT better now, but Luvbug says I am very wide on my turns. Oops! Well hey, I turned, didn't I? What more do you want? LOL!

freebird said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog to see where the heck I was! I really appreciate someone noticing I haven't been quite so active lately.

Oh this story is too funny but at least you are getting on the bike and giving it a go. I can't seem to ride a bike well and on our dirt roads I don't even want to try. When I ride a bike I tend to steer into traffic which is not a good thing to do. Hope you get the hang of it soon.

Dragonstar said...

They say you never forget how to ride... They also say "easy as falling off a bike"! Hows your vertigo now, by the way?
That bit about the cat gave me stitches!!!