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Sunday, 8 April 2012

****2 UPDATES***** Eat, Scooter, eat!!

Had a lovely day yesterday; met up with Beanie and we went to the Tower of London :) I'll post about this properly another day.....

Was meant to have a friend over today as well, and we were going to go to a country fair. But I cancelled. Scooter hasn't eaten much since Friday, hardly a thing, and I wanted to spend a quiet day trying to get him better. He has been kept warm by the fire all day and been offered:

  • Whiskas steamed cod flavour chunks in jelly,
  • Thrive 99% chicken slivers
  • real fresh chicken, raw,
  • real fresh chicken, roasted,
  • fresh haddock, steamed,
  • his usual- and favourite- biscuits 'Purina One Sensitive'
  • HighLife chicken flavour chunks in gravy

All sniffed, some licked, all refused.

He has drunk a little water.

No medicine taken, as it is usually hidden in the food.

I opened his mouth (he hated that) but couldn't see any sores on his tongue.

MIGHT be a wee bit constipated, judging by the lack of use of his poo patch in the garden! Then again, there isn't much in there to come out....


Vet not back till Tuesday.
Maybe it's just a tummy ache. But he is showing interest in the food when you present it to him, sits up, excited, wants to see what you're bringing. But he won't eat.

Any cat owners out there with any ideas?????

He is purry and responds to being stroked and talked to.

by the fire today with his bunny

mum trying to coax him to eat by hand


About half passed midnight Scooter ate a few mouthfuls of biscuits. After a while I managed to tempt him with some of the HiLife chicken sachet too. He had a doze by the fire, now he's off out, mousing. I hope he keeps down what he's eaten. I'll double check the poo patch when he comes in. I wonder what my neighbours think about me sculking round the borders with a flashlight late at night?

Tuesday 10th April:
I haven't been able to get his thyroid tablet down him for 3 or 4 days so this evening I had to force it on him :( I had to put it in his mouth, hold it shut, tickle his throat till he swallowed.... ahuh yeah, ok, not quite. I had to do this four times cos the first three he pretended to swallow but then spat it out as soon as he was released. Of course, each attempt made him more wound up! My wrists and forearms are scratched so bad it looks like I've been self-harming and Scooter hates his Mummy. Bad Mummy. Bad, bad Mummy.

He is still eating less than normal, sticking to his favourite biscuits and a little fish. The poo patch is looking surprisingly normal. He's ok, touch wood. But I have been in tears wishing he were 4, rather than 19..... I don't want him to go....


Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear Scooter is not well today. I hope your tender care helps him feel better. Sadly I have no advice to offer about getting him to eat. xxx and a big hug for Scooter.

Angel and Kirby said...

We hope Scooter is eating tonight! You are in our thoughts!

Timaree said...

I'm glad to see the update as I wouldn't have a clue what to do. I know my daughter has a very old rabbit whose kidneys are not functioning well. He was grinding his teeth and not eating so she took him to the vet. They gave him an IV of saline to rehydrate him saying his kidneys needed more fluid and the rabbit was in too much pain to eat. She now gives it a twice weekly IV herself and the bunny is doing fine. If she misses a dose, the bunny stops eating again. I have no idea if cats are like bunnies though! I tend to give my older dog her food with way more liquid than you'd think should be in it (like soup) as she doesn't drink enough and gets so constipated. Do you know if he is drinking enough? that seems to be a key to both the older bunny and older doggie's problems.

Helena said...

Hi Timaree,
Yeah, he is drinking a bit, not lots. SOmetimes I mix his food with warm water and he'll lick up the soupy water and leave the rest. But these last few days he wouldn't even do this! So I am relieved that he is sleeping with at least something in his tummy, not much but something. Start again tomorrow!
Now he is asleep with a quilt bed, two blankies, a hot water bottle and a small heater plugged in not too far away. He is on his brains and looks quite happy.

Di said...

Aw Helena, hope Scooter improves. Sending love and hugs, and an email is on its way today. Di xx

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

oh maybe some tuna with juice? also if he might have a bit of a cold...then he can not smell his food and may be put off because of not being able to smell any aroma.
thinking about you all the time and wishing you well during this time...oh how I remember it so well with Miss Peach and my beloved little Minka...holding you close with XOXO from the cozy cottage

Found art blog said...

Oohhh.... I was thinking of Scooter yesterday. Big hugs from this Mouse!!!

Blue said...

Do hope Scooter is continuing to eat.
I've no cat knowledge, so can't help but wish him well [and you too]
Thinking of you both.

Gilly G said...

Hello Stranger!
I used to sprinkle a bit of catnip on Stoppie's food - that helped a little.
Hope things are OK with you
Gill yr old buddy from CIBC xxx