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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


My anti-virus software threw up a warning that a 'mal ware' threat was coming in through the link associated with the picture of a signature that I've had coming up automatically at the end of my posts.

I've removed this now, and done a full scan- couldn't find anything. But not worth the risk!!!
If you have a signature on your posts linked to a site called 'live signature' I'd advise you remove it and do a scan of your program files, just in case.

I've been unable to remove the signature from my old posts, but my anti-virus isn't putting up a warning any more, so I guess all's ok.

I'd been moved onto the 'new interface' by blogger. I couldn't find a way to remove the signature till I put my blog back onto the old style blogger. I was very pleased to find I could do this as the new one was driving me mad!!! 


MorningAJ said...

I've not had any warnings about your site and my other half is a cyber-security monster. So if it had been posing any major threats I'd have known.

It might just have attached itself to one copy of it and now you've removed it anyway. Thanks for the warning though.

Found art blog said...

I can't leave a comment on Dilly's blog now...??!!

Helena said...

Thanks for assurance, AJ!! Phew!

Beanie, I don't know what problem there was earlier, but I just managed to leave a comment on Dilly's blog ok. Can you try again? Blogger is having lots of troubles again after playing with its interface again!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

Mal-ware is different from a virus. Does your antivirus check for malware? When I had a malware issue we loaded a special program called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. We got it online I don't know if it was free or if it cost but it definitely found malware that my virus scanner would not find. Good luck.