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Thursday, 7 August 2008

2 Crafty Challenges

I thought I'd join in on a few weekly challenges, to keep my creative doobrys flowing!

The first is the Inchy Challenge set by Inch By Inch.

To take part, you must create something to fit in with the week's theme. Any materials can be used, but it must be 1 inch square in size! Then link back to the Inch By Inch site, and leave a comment there, so they know you're joining in.

This week it's hats. I was wondering what to do, and then realised that that old song, "The Sun Has Got His Hat On" was going around my head. My dad used to sing it round the house during his wackier phases! Well, here goes:-It's a 3 layer watercolour- the hills and the sun at the back, then the trees cut from another piece of watercolour paper, then the writing on another. I've gone over the leaves on the tree with some green Crystal Lacquer pen.

Having the 1 inch square to restrict you is amazingly freeing! You have to be very strict with yourself about what you have to leave out. It's like writing a poem to a set metre or rhyme- a restriction, but a helpful one.

Go on- have a go! You may surprise yourself!

**** **** ****

Next, a weekly challenge from Sketch Saturday. (It changes each Saturday but lasts for the week.)

The 'sketch' is actually a layout that you have to follow for making a card, postcard, ATC, etc. You can turn the layout on its side, or upside-down, but mustn't move the elements around.
Here's this week's:And here's my attempt, using paper scraps, stuck on to a plain brown "Kraft" card. Part of the bare card shows at the top, and I've rubbed gold and green ink pads over this part and then rubbed on some fine glitter. The butterflies are outline stickers, filled in with Crystal Lacquer pens. The flower in the centre bottom is a sticker left over from a pack (possibly K and Co). The three are sitting on squares of Indian paper handmade from recycled cotton rag. I've coloured the margins of these using purple and bronze ink pads.........
"Thank You" was a Paper Artsy stamp, using a bronze ink pad and clear embossing. Behind it is a thin strip of vellum with some gold calligraphy on it.

I added some light butterflies along the middle strip with another Paper Artsy stamp, using a watermark stamp and a little pink and blue.

The photo's don't show the colours very well, I think this is because they were taken in artificial light.

**** **** ****

While I found the inch by inch challenge fun, and the size restriction helpful, I didn't enjoy working to this layout at all! Whether this is because I've only made a few cards, and when I do, I just make them up as I go along, or whether a different layout would suit me better, I don't know. I'll do this challenge for a few weeks, and that way, I'll find out!


Fiona Whitehead said...

Great little inchy Helen - glad you found us - hope to see you back again - they can be quite addictive little things!

Dragonstar said...

The inchy is great fun, and the sketchy thing is lovely. It must be really hard to work within that sort of restriction. I can usually work around themes with photos, but these days my crafty inventiveness is non-existent. Congratulations!

joanne wardle said...

aww your inchy is cute!

Denise said...

Wow! The inchy challenge would have me baffled I can tell you! Love all you do H, so lovely!

Thank you for your package this morning! I had just read your comment on my blog when Jon shouted "There's a package here for you!" LOL!

Amy said...

I used to work at the Hello Kitty store! It was so fun.

I'm relieved about the job, but worried about where the money will come from!

All your crafty artwork is great. I wish I was that talented. I do crafty things, but nothing half as good as yours!

*hugs* Thanks for visiting my blog and your support as well!

Shrinky said...

You have such incredible patience and an endless imagination, everything you make is original and beautiful. Lovely projects Helena, you really should think about selling some of these things on-line!

CherryPie said...

That inchy challenge looks like great fun. Both projects look great :-)

Dan said...

Wonderful work, and some very creative stuff on your blog! Thanks so much for linking to mine, and thanks for your kind comments! :)

carolann said...

Wow brilliant work hun and I love the inchy it is fab and the sketch card is fantastic WTG xxx

Jo said...

Hi Helena :)
I think you've done a grand job using the sketch! love the colours and papers you've used, glad you're not going to give up and will try a few more sketches before deciding if they are 'for you' maybe you'll find a sketch that you'll love :)
Thank you for taking part and good luck for the prize.
Jo xx

ps... great inchy too hun, altho the sun certainly hasn't got his hat on around here at the mo, think our summers finished :(

Helena said...

Oooo I forgot to come back and answer! I am very sorry! I did a long answer that included everyone and then Blogger ate it up! Waaah! I meant to come back and try again.
Sorry! I shall slap myself.


There! THat'll teach me! ... oo I needed that, I was falling asleep (forgot to go to bed. Again.)

***thanks everyone, for your kind comments and encouragement!***

i beati said...

I just love these. I would buy that sun has got his hat on - immediately - I'm l;ooking for funny everyday cheer cards..just funny sandy

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi Helena! Love this post and beautiful work. So much passion exudes from it! And yes, Christian's reunion made me cry too. My niece showed it to me, and I cried like a baby! Have a wonderful day, Helena!