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Friday, 29 August 2008

2 newbies, and a new "Best Cup"

Did these the other day. I've had to break from blogging and crafty stuff for a couple of days because my back has been too bad to sit and type/sprawl an pootle. :^)

I want to be using a more varied spread of materials, and this time I've managed to use some fabric. A Fabric shop in town sells scraps for 10p each, various types and sizes. I bought 5 pieces the other week. The flowery background here is part of one of them.

The bird image is from a sheet from Crafty Individuals- the same one that provided the robin on my last post. They are printed on thick, glossy paper. I've rubbed a nail file round this one and then rubbed a gold ink pad over it. Then I stuck it on a square of blue paper.This glittery bird is from a sheet by K & Co., I think.
Close up of birdy...
All this- especially the fabric- makes it heavier than usual. I used a thick brown card, made by Kraft.


Here's a very elaborate effort, for my next one. I usually veer towards simpler stuff, I think. But again, I was trying to incorporate more stuff. The angel is, again, from a thick glossy sheet of images from Crafty Individuals. So is the card itself.The image is set with sticky foam pads onto a piece of water-colouring paper, the edges of which I rubbed with a few ink pads, pink, blue and gold. The top triangle is actually a square of card, turned on its side and attached- gold rubbed on the edges again. I wanted to add ribbon, but didn't want it to be even MORE girly with pink or sparkles (!) so used a nice brown one. The 'brad' dragonfly was actually from Tesco!Hmmm... I think this is quite luxurious looking but without being too girly.


Lastly, here is something I picked up in a Village called Hathersage last week, on my hols in the Peak District.

Hathersage is where the grave of 'Little John', of Robin Hood fame, is buried! I never knew that! We were going to walk up to the graveyard and take a photo, but it was toooo rainy. LOL! SO we browsed the shops instead.

Anyway, here it is. My new "Best Cup". He looks like a tabby I had years ago, called Sam.

Sandpaper Kisses
On a cheek or chin-
That's the way for
a day to begin!

It holds more tea that you'd think, and has a comfy handle, too. Not that that was my chief concern when I spotted it ;^)


Ms. Creek said...

your cards are beautiful...and i LOVE the picture of the girl...and you are right, it isn't too girlie! i wished i had 1/2 your craftiness! wow!

Dragonstar said...

I love the goldfinch card - perfect! Your new cup is gorgeous, too.

carolann said...

Absolutely fantastic cards hun well done xxxx

i beati said...

I love birds so this one tickles my fancy oh yes!!!