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Friday, 1 August 2008

A thankyou for Aunty Pat!

My Aunt had sent my partner a card for his birthday on 11th July. She had enclosed a monetary gift and the other night, we suddenly realised that no "Thank you" card or email had been sent, and no phone call made! Aaagh!

I think you should always respond with a thank you phone call, email or card when the gift has come through the post. Even apart from politeness and gratitude, how else will the person know it ever arrived safely?

I came up with this:
The photo doesn't really catch it!

The angel picture, white tissue paper and slide holder all came from Crafty Individuals a few days before!

After cutting out one of the angel pictures, I rubbed it all round the edges with a nail file to "age" and fade it.

I tore some of the white tissue paper and stamped it with brown, bronze and gold versions of the same swirly design, then layered these behind......
I covered the slide holder with some contrasting paper.

It holds a piece of tissue paper that's had the gold stamp-pad rubbed over it after "thank you" had been written.... A small swirly frame design is stamped on some paper and layered behind.

I made an envelope out of a vellum sheet that had musical notes embossed over it.

Well, it's a few weeks late but I hope she likes it. She should have got it yesterday!

I really recommend Crafty Individuals. They are a small business with friendly customer service and very speedy delivery.

Have a look at their projects gallery for inspiration- there is so much there I haven't flipped through it all yet! And check out their stamps- really nice, original designs, different from the usual.


CraftyTracy said...

Hi Helena, thankyou for visiting my blog, Demonstrating can be alot of fun, hardwork and travelling.and sometimes a bit restrictive,as you are only allowed to use the company who you are demontrating for on the days,products.

however saying that, if you are interested just apply to the companies and see what happens. Do- crafts is the easiest to get on board with. The others don't have as many designers workng for them.

Your thankyou card is lovely and very informative. Your drawings are fantastic and you should use them on your cards.

Take Care

Denise said...

Hi honeybunch!
Check out my post from Thursday, you did inspire me to get my finger out! Stamps? do you use them?


Dragonstar said...

Another lovely card - and you make it all sound so easy!

Shrinky said...

You are such a creative bunny helena, I can only step back in admiration. You put such loving care into everything you do, it's a reflection of your beautiful soul within.


Helena said...

Thanks, craftytracy!

I would need to learn to drive first, if I did do it. I'm looking into getting lessons soon.

Thank you for your visit and lots of info!

Helena said...


I am collecting quite a little range of stamps. I used some of them on the Card wallet set I made for Anna, but come to think of it, I'm not sure I've used them on anything else yet. Apart from to play with, in my little sodding-about book ;^)

What do you clean them with? I'm just using Baby-wipes!!!

I like the card you made and left a comment.

Helena said...


I do fill a bin with bits that go wrong, don't worry! But the rest of it is just sitting with all my stuff around me and playing wih it to see what will go with what and I usually change what I was going to do several times. I couldn't do this for a livig as it takes me a day (or a night!) to make one card! LOL!

Helena said...


Awww thanks Shrink what a lovely thing to say.

Are you ok over there? Whenever I see a weather forecast there is one great huge cloud peeing all over where you are!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous card. I find your description of the process very interesting.

Clouds have been peeing over here practically the whole month of July. More expected tonight.

CherryPie said...

I am sure she will love it :-)

i beati said...

exquisite oscars funny Fluffy you're next sk

Helena said...

i beati,

Ah yes, Fluffy would wipe the board of all the prizes. Or if she didn't get them, he could stare them into submission.


Helena said...


I hope so. I hope it makes her smile. She isn't very well.

Helena said...


there seems to be rain and storms on both sides of the pond at the moment!