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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

This week's layout challenge

Here's this week's layout:
and here's my attempt:

Background paper: The English Paper Company. This is from their Xmas set from last year, called "Twelve Days Of Christmas". You can still get this from artymiss.co.uk - a 6 x 6 pack of 36 sheets is being sold there for just £1.
The Arch stamp (embossed in gold) is from Paper Artsy.
The Mary & Jesus stamp is made by Stamps Away and I watercoloured over it.
I added stick-on pearls and some dots with Sakura Souffle pens.

Not very good photo's, sorry! The Mary image is set on foam pads so it comes forward a bit, but you can't see that here :^(

Click on the "Sketch Saturday" logo at the top of this post to find links to more interpretations of this week's layout sketch.


Marcea said...

Hiya hun, thankyou for leaving me a comment. I think you card is really nice and so refreshing to have a more traditional image. I love those papers too - might just have to go and have a look at them
take care

carolann said...

Hi I love this its stunning hun well done xxx

Cheryl Richter said...

Hi Helena,

thanks for your comment on my blog :)
I like your creations :) What a great image for your card!

Hugs Cheryl

Mel said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I've just had a look at your blog, it's fab :0)

Beryl (bik59) said...

Your card is just gorgeous, a perfect Christmas Card. Thank you very much for the comments you made about mine
Beryl x

CherryPie said...

I think you have made a lovely Christmas card :-)

Jo said...

This is a lovely christmas card, nice to see a more traditional christmas design

Thank you for joining in this week Helena

Jo xx

Lorianna said...

Your talent is such an inspiration to me Helena! I'm itching to buy stamps and inks and paints and papers! :) I want the kitty stamps too.
Please don't be hard on yourself about losing your shopping bag. I used to leave my purse in a Chinese restaurant we frequented all the time. I don't know why and they always found it and called thank goodness! But, I felt like such a dimwit and after a while decided not to go there any more because I was so embarrassed. So see? It happens. I'm glad you didn't lose anything important to you and I'm sure you'll find something lovely again for your little nephew.
Take care okay?
Lorianna ( I rubbed Toeshee's tummy for you too!)

Ms. Creek said...

I think it's great! you are so incredibly talented!

Brocéliane said...

what a cute card, like it so much :) very beautiful image too :)

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hello Helena! Please dear friend what is up with this comment about yourself{{But I feel utterly pointless, meaningless and useless. I wish I could disappear.}}? Don't you know how talented you are? You art and the photos you take touch so many. I have yet to snap my gold finch who comes by the cozy cottage some time!
Now about that cat rubber stamp...try ebay, it is where I got mine. I would love to stamp you some images of it and send them off to you. Do let me know. Maybe we can trade an inchy too. I have never made one but would like to take on the challenge you inspired me here! Maybe a leaf theme to usher in autumn which is my favorite season! So I wait to hear from you and keep your gace to the sun...
I see my beloved friend Lorianna has been here for a visit...she will try some stamping too soon...Fun stuff and I am glad your partner is supportive...my Dennis is also!
Soft hugs from Karla & Miss Peach

Shrinky said...

I can't believe the Mary and Jesus picture came from a stamp, wow! I love these creative projects of yours, you have such imagination and flair. Smile.

Blue said...

That is lovely!
I'm not religious but the possibilities as a Christmas card for this one are endless...

Just in case Dilly, didn't pass it on - thanks for your wise words re pussycat Penny minding - I've updated my news on her today!


Rach said...

wow this is such a lovely card, hugs rachxx

Helena said...

THANK YOU for all the lovely feedback.

Re if you said you think I'm talented- I look at stuff that other people do and think no, THEY'RE talented. You just think I am because you haven't seen THEM! LOL. OK it sounds mad but that's how I think. If it works, it's fluke. Or, I better quit while I'm ahead before I'm found out. You know the sort of thing. This is probably why I never do any one thing for very long.


Thank you for rubbing Toeshee's tummy for me! Now sniff his cheesy toes for me too. LOL! Sorry I can't help it. I love animal's toes. Warm cheesy sleepy cat toes especially.
Stampping is great fun. Get an ink pad that is waterproof and some watercolour pencils, then go over the printed image with the pencils and a water wash. I've always liked the pen-and-ink look!


Miss Peach,

You know I think you're lovely but, I have to say, it doesn't really surprise me greatly if a goldfinch doesn't stay still around you for too long! LOL! Good tip about ebay- didn't think of that even though I've bought other stuff from there before. I had a wee browse but it isn't there at the moment. A few other goodies but I resisted!
I'd love to exchange with you! But not an inchy- I'm not too confident with them yet. Hmmm... a card then? An autumn theme, ok. This'll be fun!


Bev said...

What a beautiful traditional card Helena, such lovely colours and wonderful image